Minecraft Update Version 1.19.71 Finally Squashes Switch Loading Issue

It also comes with fixes and tweaks.

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Mojang Studio has now released Minecraft update version 1.19.71 which has finally removed an issue that plagued many Switch players.

Last week, update 1.19.70 was released which was a major fix for the game as it added tons of improvements focusing more on the emote system. It also added tweaks and bug fixes. Unfortunately, it added an undesirable bug.

There was a serious issue with the Nintendo Switch version of the game, which caused players unable to play the game after downloading the update. They reported that they were getting stuck on the game’s loading screen. Some said that they were only loading up to 66 percent and then getting stuck up there, forever.

The latest update 1.19.71 has now fixed that annoying bug. Switch players are finally able to continue through the game loading screen and play again. This update also introduces some other fixes on other issues like the iOS launch crash, and more.

Check out the patch notes below:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to get stuck at 66% when loading at launch
  • Fixed a crash that could occur at launch on iOS
  • Fixed player names not appearing through the environment and behind walls
  • Fixed a bug that caused the text on Signs not to be displayed with ray tracing enabled on PC
  • Fixed an issue where players would load incorrect data when loading a local game after connecting to a server or Realm
  • Players are now prompted with the option to enable text-to-speech, if supported, on first startup

Minecraft is out now on PC, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, PlayStation, and Xbox.