Monster Hunter Rise successfully ships 4 million copies worldwide

Capcom is proud to share its figures for its recently released Monster Hunter Rise. The latest monster hunting franchise entry proved to be still successful in overall sales like the recent re-release of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate and the 2018 entry Monster Hunter World.

According to a statement released by Capcom, the franchise’s overall figure since the first game that launched in 2004 has reached to 66 million units shipped as of December 31, 2020.

We saw long lines over at our local retailers, with some netizens sharing on social media that they had to wait for hours to get their hands on the latest Monster Hunter entry despite the state of the world at the moment. That didn’t stop hardcore fans from getting the game.

What’s new in Monster Hunter Rise?

Just to go over a quick summary of the game based on Capcom’s post:

Monster Hunter Rise is an all-new Monster Hunter title for Nintendo Switch. The game was developed with Capcom’s proprietary RE ENGINE in order to provide a new, accessible Monster Hunter experience that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere and with anyone.

In addition to new monsters and locales, the game provides a completely fresh take on the hunting experience through a host of new, exhilarating hunting actions made possible with the Wirebug. With this, players can traverse rocky cliffs via the Wall Run, soar over craggy terrain and through the air at high speed, or even bind monsters and control them. Further adding to the excitement is the debut of new “canyne” hunting partners called Palamutes, which hunters can ride to quickly navigate the maps.

Credit: Capcom’s Official Post

Monster Hunter Rise is already available on Nintendo Switch. We’re still going through the game and we will let you know our final thoughts soon.