Monster Hunter Rise Beginner’s Guide and Tips

So, you’re set up as a Hunter in the PC Release of Monster Hunter Rise, eh? Ready to go out and take on the challenge of the Hub and the Rampage? Or are you confused as to how to start and make the most of your experience in this new Region? Well, have no fear.

Yasutora will be your guide through the Town and give bits of advice in a bit, but first, some guide in case you wanna play with just subtitles on the JP or Monster Hunter Language audio. It’s this option right here in the main menu.

Language options in main menu

“Hey, reader! If you’re starting out, then let me give you a quick tour of Kamura! The village known for its roaring forges and dango! First on our list of people to introduce is Kagero the Merchant! His wares expand the higher up the ranks you go, and also melds Talismans for extra skill levels to help make the build you want!”

“Next up is Hinoa, the Village Quest Maiden! Now, I ask that you hold off on doing Village Quests until AFTER you’re done with the Hub Quests so you can breeze through them, no problem! Right across her is Senri the Mailman, who gives out the Downloaded Content to you or handles if you’re online in-game or not.”

Village Smithy

“This right here is the Village Forge run by Hamon the Blacksmith, Mihaba the Apprentice and Buddy Smithy Kisaki. Hamon’s the go-to guy if you wanna forge armor or layered armor for yourself and Kisaki’s the one to go to for your Buddies, be it Palico or Palamute. If you’re short on Zenny, Mihaba’s the one you need if low-level starting gear are the ones you need. Eh? Improving weapons and armor? That’s easy, Hamon handles that too!”

Room/House/Quarters - Monster Hunter Rise
My house

Your Room

Monster Hunter Rise’s room is a spot for players to unwind after finishing a Village or Hub Quest. “This house right here is the quarters, where you stay. Later on, you can decorate it with various stuff you can find or earn like figurines or statuettes. Figurines and statuettes of what, you ask? Well, monsters or some other trinkets, of course!”

“This area past the bridge leads to the Buddy Plaza. C’MONLESGO!”

Iori and Palico Master

Buddy Plaza

“The little dude right here is Iori, the grandkid of Elder Fugen, the head of Kamura. You talk to him if you need Palicoes or Palamutes aside from the one you bring with you! Oh yeah, the Palico behind him is Felyne Chief Kogarashi. He handles the expeditions for Palicoes and Palamutes alike. Hm? What are expeditions? You send them into missions and they bring back good stuff for you. Neat, right?!”

The Argosy - Monster Hunter Rise
Argosy (Ship) and Rondine (NPC)

The Argosy

“That ship right there is the Argosy, and the lady in front is Rondine. She handles the request board for materials you can use like herbs, mushrooms, even insects needed for a lot of items usable in hunts like Potions and Mega Potions and even Antidotes!”

Boat to the training area

“This boat here leads to the Training Area over there! Follow me!”

Training Area - Monster Hunter Rise
Training Area

Training Area

“In this cave, you can find Sekirei the Trainer which handles the motions of this Toadversary right here You can have him set the head high or low, if it follows you around and what it does like shooting projectiles or stomping!”

Yomogi - Dango Chef - Monster Hunter Rise
Say hi to Yomogi

Yomogi – Dango Chef

“Meet Yomogi, the Dango Chef. She’s your gal for the Dango here in the Village. Her menu expands the higher you go and even finishing some quests she puts up! She also cooks the BBQ needed for expanding our Stamina bar!”

Gathering Hub

Gathering Hub

“We’re here at the Gathering Hub, where the meat of the hunt is present, where most Village Requests are put up as well. The monsters here are a real challenge, but it’s nothing you can’t conquer with other players, right? Come on, lemme show you to the inside.”

Guild Master Hojo

“This here’s Guild Master Hojo on his small Tetsucabra. He gives out some quests from time to time. Old hunting buddy of Elder Fugen, too. On the other side is where you can order Bunny Dango to eat in between quests to gain Felyne Skills.”

“These are Maido and Minoto, the Hub Shop and Hub Maiden. Minoto is Hinoa’s twin sister, but they don’t seem to have the same appetite for Bunny Dango.”

Master Utsushi - Monster Hunter Rise
Master Utsushi

Arena Quests

“Ah yes, Master Utsushi. He presides over the Arena Quests where bigger challenges lie ahead with pre-decided weapons and armor. He’s also got kind of a weird sense of humor.”

Buddy Board

“Buddy Smith Kojiri and Nakago the Blacksmith handle making gear in the Gathering Hub so you don’t have to keep running out to the Village. There’s also a Buddy Board and an Item Box so you can manage your Buddies and gear in between hunts.”

Quest Board - Monster Hunter Rise
Quest Board

Quest Board

“Last but not the least is the Quest Board where you can join quests online. You can join quests up to your level, so keep taking quests and moving up so you can pay the kindness forward to other newcomers. Well, that’s about it. Maybe someday we’ll see each other if cross-platform play becomes possible! Alright, see you!”