Shrine Ruins Relic Record Locations – Monster Hunter Rise

Where to find all the Relic Records at Shrine Ruins in Monster Hunter Rise.


The Shrine Ruins is the 1st location that players will visit in Monster Hunter Rise and in this mysterious forest, players will find not only monsters but also, hidden secrets. In this guide, players will learn more about the numerous Relic Records found on this map, so read on and enjoy.

Where to find all Shrine Ruins Relic Records in Monster Hunter Rise

Relic Records #1

The 1st record can be found on top of the highest peak of the Shrine Ruins right beside the shrine.

Relic Record #2

The 2nd record can be found on the south side of the ravine between Areas 8 and 6. Climb using the wirebug on the right side and the relic is found on the corner ledge

Relic Record #3

From where Area 12 is, use the wirebug to climb up and the record can be found beside the small stone shrine

Relic Record #4

Located at the edge of Area 11 where most of the monsters sleep, there is a small temple that players can climb up. Climb it and the next record is found.

Relic Record #5

Near Area 13, go up to the wooden bridge and cross it. On the other side is the other record inside a shrine.

Relic Record #6

In between Areas 8 and 7, climb up the wall facing south of the map using the Wirebug and there will be a platform where the Relic Record is.

Relic Record #7

In Area 2, there is a huge tree growing from a cliff. Climb up and the relic record is found at one of its branches

Relic Record #8

Facing Area 5, on top of the cliff, there is a small opening that is hard to spot. Climb up and use wirebugs to reach the entrance and the Relic Record is found surrounded by plants.

Relic Record #9

Within the inner walls facing between Areas 7 and 8, there is a group of flowers that players can destroy by hitting them with their weapons. Doing so will show the Relic Record hidden under them.

Relic Record #10

On the northern part of the hill at the end of the pathway of Area 4, use the wirebug to climb up the ledge and the record is found easily on top.

Rewards for collecting the Shrine Ruins Relic Records

Every time you get 5 Relic Records on this location, merchant Kagero will reward you with a piece of decoration for your rooms. Below are the prizes that players will receive from Kagero

  • 5 Relics Reward: Arzuros Carving
  • 10 Relics Reward: Magnamalo Carving

That concludes our guide on where to find all the Shrine Ruins Relic Records in Monster Hunter Rise. If players love this guide, please check out our other Monster Hunter Rise-related guides.