Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Follower AI Built from Scratch

Follower AI is perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

CAPCOM recently revealed that the follower AI for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak has been rebuilt (built) from scratch.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Follower AI Different

Monster Hunter has always been about cooperation from other players and if there are AI characters involved, they are just for support like the Palicos and the Palamutes. With Sunbreak, we get introduced to the Followers, which will help players in battles. A new way to approach the game and possibly make it better for the single player experience.

Follower AI Made From Scratch

According to Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Director Yoshitake Suzuki, he revealed a secret to media outlet VG247 about the AI that handles the behavior of the Followers. He said that they actually made the AI for these characters from scratch for Sunbreak. “That was extremely challenging to achieve,” he said.

monster hunter rise sunbreak

Not Too Weak, Not Too Strong

Suzuki says they had a hard time balancing the AI because they did not want it to be useless and also not too OP for the players. If it was too weak, players would have to babysit them during battles and that would cost them time and effort. If they were too strong, the players will be there just to tag along in quests. They will not be too involved since the AI will be doing all the hard work.

It seems the team’s hard work paid off as they are now pushing for the release of Sunbreak in a couple of days.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak launches on June 30 for PC and Nintendo Switch.