Monster Hunter Rise for Switch Announced

Monster Hunter Rise

Game company CAPCOM officially announced video game Monster Hunter Rise.

The game is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch console. It release date is March 26, 2021.

The game is an evolution of the Monster Hunter series by offering the hunters with an inventive set of new tools to track down and defeat threatening monsters. Players can tackle these challenges, solo or with up to three other hunters in local or cooperative online play.

This is an action RPG that is set in the colorful Kamura Village, which is an all-new serene mountain locale that attracts visitors with its unique culture and innovative hunting technologies. After preparing for the hunt with new armor and weapons, players can go through different areas like the ancient Shrine Ruins and many more. It features maps with no loading times, which offers continuous gameplay and allows players to remain on their quests as soon as the hunt begins without transitions between areas.

While Rise will offer a similar nostalgic gameplay, it will also give players a new experience with interesting mechanics to master. A new wire-based grappling action can be performed with the use of a Wirebug while standing or in mid-air. This adds an all-new level of aerial maneuverability to hunting strategies and attacks. Defeating enemies will drop items that can be used to craft unique weapons and armor.

New monsters are coming in Rise like Magnamalo, the new flagship monster that will offer the biggest challenge for the hunters. There will be others like the shape-shifting Aknosom, the amphibious Tetranadon, and other species from previous titles. Aside from the usual missions, there are also the surprising events called Rampage which threatens the village.

There are also the new hunting partners called the Palamutes, which are personalized and rideable Canyne companions that will offer them a new way to attack. The Felyne Palicoes return as support characters for healing and other support abilities.

In addition to the physical and digital standard editions of Monster Hunter Rise available for pre-order, a special digital Deluxe Edition and physical Collector’s Edition are also being offered. The digital Deluxe Edition will include the standard edition of the game, as well as a digital DLC pack voucher that can be redeemed for bonus in-game content such as a “Kamurai” full layered armor set, exclusive gestures, cosmetic items and more.

The limited Collector’s Edition (physical only) will contain everything from the Deluxe Edition, in addition to physical items including a monster icon sticker pack, Kamura mark enamel pin and an amiibo figure of Magnamalo, the flagship monster featured in the game.

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