My Friendly Neighborhood: Helping All Monster Puppets

One of the requirements to get the golden ending is to help all the monster puppets in My Friendly Neighborhood. Not every puppet who turns crazy is truly malicious deep down inside, and showing a bit of understanding can make them turn over a new leaf. There’s a way to help all the monster puppets and get the true ending in My Friendly Neighborhood, which you can find out by reading our guide.

How to Help All Monster Puppets in My Friendly Neighborhood?

There are puppets you can help in My Friendly Neighborhood and each of these puppets have a different condition you need to fulfill. There are 5 monster puppets that you’re required to help in order to get the golden ending.

  • Gobblette: Is looking to talk to someone about her feelings.
  • Ray: Wants to learn to fix things.
  • Dogs: Are hungry and want to be fed.
  • Pearl: Wants help seeing again.
  • Arnold: Wants somebody to play the piano with.

For some of these puppets, helping them is part of the story. For others, you’ll have to go the extra mile if you want the true ending. Once you’ve helped all of the puppets, you just need to accept Ricky’s offer at the end of the game to see the golden ending.

Read on as we detail how to help each puppet in My Friendly Neighborhood.

Helping Gobblette

To help Gobblette, you have to play an emotional film at the theater. Go to the projection room at the top and interact with the buttons which will play a movie Gobblette really likes. She’ll then walk into the movie theater below and sit in the front seat. Afterwards go inside the movie theater and approach Gobblette, a cutscene will trigger where Gordon will have a heart-to-heart with her.

Helping Ray

To help Ray, you need to fix the drain pipes. Go to Ray’s Lair and you’ll see a red wheel you need to turn. The wheel is stuck and you need to inspect some plugs by the side to get it turning again. Turn the red wheel and water will come out of the pipes. Ray will then leave his hiding spot and be happy that you fixed the drain pipes for him.

Helping the Dogs

To help the Dogs, you just have to feed them and they’ll turn into lovable pups. If you ring the bell where their dog houses are, they’ll come running but then be sad that there are no food. What you need to do for them is to look for dog food called “Sunrise Burger” sitting on a nearby bench. Go back to their dog houses and pour the dog chow into their platters. Ring the bell again and they’ll come running. After eating the dogs will be friendly with you and one of them go back to their dog house to sleep.

Helping Pearl

To help Pearl, you need to get her glasses. Just approach her and then put on the glasses once you find them. Then follow her into the alleyway where she’ll look at a mirror. Once you approach Pearl, Gordon will chat with her and she’ll become friendly from now on.

Helping Arnold

To help Arnold, you need to put the puzzle pieces together in front of his piano. Then approach him and he’ll demand that you play the piano with him. After a short cutscene, Arnold will be happy with you and you would’ve helped him despite Gordon playing the piano badly.