My Time at Sandrock Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

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After more than a year in Early Access, My Time at Sandrock is finally going to get a full release on PlayStation consoles. The question is now, will the expanded list of trophies add to the good times or will it contribute to your already stressful time inside the workshop?

In this My Time at Sandrock trophy guide, I’ll tell you some things you’ll need to know if you’re going for that platinum trophy. Though there is a way to optimize your run like finding out which people are the easiest ones to become friends with, it ultimately boils down to how you want to spend your day and which trophies you want to go first.

There are a total of 31 trophies to collect across several activities and planned/unplanned events:

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 5 Gold trophies
  • 11 Silver trophies
  • 14 Bronze trophies

My Time at Sandrock Trophy List

Platinum trophy

  • My Time at Sandrock: My Time at Sandrock!

Gold trophies

  • Kind of a Big Deal: Workshop upgraded to 5 stars
  • Builder of the Month: Have your workshop ranked as #1 for the month
  • I Do!: Marry any character
  • Got the Flow Back: Repair the Water Tower
  • Sepia Toned Memories: Find all of Morth’s photos

Silver trophies

  • Commissions, commissions…!: Complete 100 Commissions
  • Financially Secure: Get 10,000 Gols
  • Pack Mule: Unlock 50 backpack slots
  • First Love: Have a romantic relationship with any character
  • One of the Cool Kids: Make friends with 10 people
  • Who Ya Gonna Call…?: Won first place in the ghost-hunting event
  • Got Served: Won first place on the hardest difficulty in the dance contest
  • Pro Gamer: Get 500 Game Center coins
  • Better Late Than Never: Assemble and install the Crane Lift
  • What Plants Crave: Make a Hydrogel
  • Bridging the Gap: Repair the Shonash Bridge

Bronze trophies

  • It’s High Noon…: Have 20 duels
  • Big Game Hunter: Defeat 20 elite monsters
  • Do Your Part: Clean up trash 50 times
  • Newton: Kick something from trees 50 times
  • Unboxing: Open 50 chests
  • It Belongs in a Museum!: Donate 40 exhibits to the museum
  • Diamonds are Forever: Obtain 1 diamond
  • Waste Not Want Not: Pick up feces 50 times
  • Chatterbox: Chat 200 times
  • Santa in Training: Give 100 gifts
  • Got the Receipt?: Give a hated gift
  • Panda-kin: Never going to stay up all night again…
  • On that Grindset: Use 500 stamina in one day
  • Officially Official: Successfully registered the workshop

The first thing you’ll notice about this version of the game is that it has fewer trophies compared to its PC counterparts. I believe this is due to the developers’ decision to skip potentially buggy trophies and reduce the number of redundant ones.

The following achievements are not present in the PlayStation version:

  • Cardistry
  • Just What I Always Wanted!
  • Sandrunning Speedster
  • Knowledge is Power
  • Time Flies

Getting platinum in the game is not too different from most farming sim games. You do your best, getting the most out of the day, and then constant interactions with your fellow residents. There are also contests to win and even a dungeon or two to explore. The point is, the platinum run for this should be a cozy one, even if you have to wait a year after failing to win a contest.

There are 5 trophies tied to the main storyline:

  • Got the Flow Back -> Acquired after repairing the Water Tower
  • Better Late than Never -> Acquired after the Picking Up the Slack mission
  • What Plants Crave -> Acquired after the Moisture Farm Blues mission
  • Bridging the Gap -> Acquired after the In Trusses we Trust mission
  • Officially Official -> Acquired after the Becoming Official mission

From what I can tell, the game only has one side quest, and it involves looking for Morth’s photos. To get the Sepia Toned Memories Gold trophy, you’ll need to find 5 scattered photos around Sandrock.

Usually, to get a diamond for the Diamonds are Forever Bronze trophy, you’ll need to achieve a certain workshop ranking. But there is a way to potentially get it early. If you spend time going around junk piles, there is a small chance of you finding a random diamond. Take about a diamond in the rough.

Staying up all night is pretty bad for your health, especially if you are expected to wake up early the following day. The Panda-kin Bronze trophy is a little vague in its description, but to get it, you’ll need to stay up as close to midnight as possible before turning in. It’s going to be a little rough the next day so it might be better to get this done and over with as early as possible. Also, if you stay up too late you’ll eventually black out and be forced to wait later in the day.

The On that Grindset Bronze trophy is actually quite easy to do. Just do a lot of mining in one day and you can get this one without much incident. You can probably do the same thing if you have a very busy day in the workshop.

If anything is going to be a grind in the game, it’s going to have to be the It Belongs in a Museum! Bronze trophy. For this one, you’ll need to find relic pieces and data discs. The pieces and the relics are fed to a Relic Restoration Machine that spits out relics for you to display or donate to the museum. Once you’ve donated 40 relics to the museum, you should get the trophy.

And that’s all I have for this trophy guide for My Time at Sandrock. The rest of the trophies you can get from doing repeated actions and winning contests. Getting to know people should already be on your to-do list. But completely doable in half a year’s time. If you are interested in playing the PC version of the game, know that Act 3 has been released and brings with it a close to the launch version of Sandrock.

My Time at Sandrock is set to release on November 02, 2023, on PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store).

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