NBA 2K23 locker codes list & how to redeem them

NBA 2K23 locker codes give you rewards upon redemption. They’re a neat little addition that help boost your progress so it’s always worth knowing what the latest codes are. On this guide, we’ll list all of the NBA 2K23 locker codes currently available so you don’t miss out on any redeemable reward.

Active NBA 2K23 Locker Codes

  • JPPGB-24J8S-VVJZQ-65GD6-533J7 : get a 30-minute XP coin for My Career, Gatorade Boosts x3 games, and a 2K Day T-shirt. (Expires 9/22/22)

Expired NBA 2K23 Locker Codes

  • 2KDAY-IN-MYTEAM-NBA2K23 : 2KDay Option Pack (Expired 9/12/22)
  • CONGRATS-HOF-MANU : Spurs Trophy Case Pack (Expired 9/12/22)
  • CONGRATS-HOF-HARDAWAY : Heat Trophy Case Pack (Expired 9/12/22)
  • ANSWER-THE-CALL-4-4488293 : 25,000 VC (Expired 9/12/22)
This list will be updated periodically so stay tuned!

Locker Codes offer specific rewards for your progress in NBA 2K23. Some can offer virtual currency which you can use for MyCAREER or MyTEAM, however others are more substantial like NBA 2K23 badges which can improve the performance of your players. If you’re seeking to play competitively, you can’t afford to miss out.

How to Redeem Locker Codes in NBA 2K23?

  1. You need to go to MyTEAM from the main menu.
  2. From there select the Home.
  3. Go to MyTEAM Community Hub, and you should see the option for Locker Code.
  4. Enter the locker code on the Locker Code field.
  5. Enter the locker codes we’ve listed above to redeem the rewards before the expiration date.

You’ll need to be connected online in order to redeem these codes. You won’t be able to connect to MyTEAM Community Hub if you’re offline.

NBA 2K23 Locker Codes List

If you’re looking for more rewards, you might be interested in checking out all the NBA 2K23 editions & pre-order bonuses as they do give out extra goodies. The catch is that you have to be willing to shelve out a little extra cash for the more expensive editions.

That’s our NBA 2K23 Locker Codes list guide. We hope you found this article to be informative. Check out our other NBA 2K23 content for more.

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