New World – How To Easily Make Gold Fast | Farming Guide

Here are the few hustles you can do in New World so you can earn cash fast and easy.

Money is hard to come by in the new MMORPG New World unless you know what you are doing. Some players are having problems with this but we are here to offer you guys some assistance on New World Gold farming, how you can easily make money fast in this game.

Gold is the main in-game currency for New World. Without it, you cannot purchase any items from Trading Posts like weapons, gear, potions, food, and more. If you have enough gold, you can actually buy a house where you can customize, hang out, store your extra gear, and more. So yes, Gold is really important in this game and you need to farm it fast.

How to earn Gold fast and easy in New World?

Complete All Main and Side Missions

new world gold farming

The most basic and easiest way to earn a lot of gold is via completing the main and side missions offered in New World. Completing one mission rewards you with a lot of gold already and can sustain you throughout the next mission you will undertake. You can also save up that money and use it later on when buying other important items and maybe a property. This is also the quickest way to earn gold compared to other methods.

Either get the ones from the Community Board or the Faction-specific ones, you can still get a lot of gold from it. The higher the level requirement, the higher the amount of gold you get rewarded with.

Aside from gaining finances for your next adventure, you can also gain lots of character experience that can level up your character. So, missions are a lot important to complete.

Buy and Sell at the Trading Post

Another easy way to earn gold is to sell your extra stuff at the Trading Post. If you have been watching the trends though, you can actually earn more money by buying items from a trader who is selling them for cheap and then trade them with another player who might be desperate to get the said item.

Sometimes, the extra weapons, armor, items, potions, and other stuff that you do not want might be useful to others and some are rather desperate. They can easily pay the prices that you post on the Trading Post even if they are rather quite high. The more reasonable player might second-guess on buying said items, but there are others who will press buy quite quickly rather than thinking about it so you can take advantage of that.

Trade Personally with Players

Another way to gain more money is to advertise your wares and wait for someone to make a personal trade with you. You can actually make a deal that can gain tons of money after you carefully talk your way into it. If it was gear or weapons, you can say that your weapon has unique stats that no other weapon has or if it was a rare ore, explain how challenging it was to acquire such resources. It depends on how you impress your dealer on how you got that particular rare stuff that he is trying to buy.

Crafting and Selling Them

This is rather quite the trouble to go through, but if you know what you are doing, you can gain tons and tons of gold from this fast and easy. Level up your crafting skills to the max, gather all the materials you need to make a certain weapon, gear, potion, or rare item that is popular on the Trading Post right now, craft a lot of it, and then sell it on the Trading Post or advertise it for personal transactions. You can gain quite the profit right away and possibly gain levels for your skills too. It is a win-win situation.

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New World is now available on PC.