New World Overwolf MiniMap Addon – How to Download

Time to finally find things.

Have you ever felt like you have been a victim of bad game design choices? Well, that’s most certainly the case for Amazon’s New World players who are having a tough time looking for items thanks to the lack of an in-game minimap.

However, thanks to the ingenuity of two players, we now have an unofficial addon that gives us the minimap that we need in order to better locate stuff. So let’s take a look at the New World Overwolf Minimap Addon, learn how to download it, and what this entails moving forward.

What is the New World Overwolf Minimap Addon?

The New World Overwolf Minimap Addon adds a minimap to the game which gives players the luxury of having a constant on-screen map to aid them with finding things and showing them what directions they need to go for their destination.

The addon was created by Reddit user u/morbrid and his friend. Morbid showed off a video wherein he shows off the map and how it helps him with gathering resources. The addons key features allow players to track what chests, ores, essences, herbs, crafting stations, points of interest, and many more which also includes the map data from newworld-map.

According to the addons description, there will be more features that will be further implemented in the future.

New World Overwolf Minimap Addon

How to Download the New World Overwolf Minimap Addon?

Here’s how to download the Overwolf New World Mini Map addon:

  1. First go to Overwolf’s website.
  2. Click the upper left icon which will bring up the sidebar, click the “Gamers” drop-down, and click “Appstore”.
  3. Click the search icon depicted with a “🔎” and type in “new world minimap”
  4. Then find the addon and click the Download button.
  5. Or click this link to see the addon on the website.

How to Install and Use the New World Overwolf Minimap Addon

  1. Once you have downloaded the addon then you just install it.
  2. Launch New World, wait for the game to load up and the minimap will pop up.
  3. You can zoom in and out of the map by pressing the correspong “+” and “-” symbols on the map.
  4. The map is draggable so you can position it anywhere you want it to be on your screen.
  5. When you click the gear icon it brings out the settings menu for the addon.
  6. In the settings menu you can change the size of the map, the shape (circle or square)
  7. You can also check the hotkeys like Zoom In/Out, Show/Hide Minimap, and you can reassign the keys.
  8. You can choose what markers you’d like to appear like Chests, Documents, Plants, and more.
  9. And lastly we have Position Data Collection which detects your position on the world map. The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) option would require you to enable the “Show FPS” option which is located near the bottom of your “Visuals” settings.
New World Overwolf Minimap Addon Settings

Can Overwolf get you banned in New World?

The answer for that is, unfortunately, yes. Amazon’s customer service representative, Zaphkiell, made a statement in the New World forum stating, “This kind of mods or addons are not allowed. So if EAC detect it or even inside the game you get catch for using this kind of stuff, you can be penalize.” Zaphkiell goes on to state, “If a external software gives you any kind of advantage, even the most minimum advantage do you think that’s playing fair?”

While it is quite disheartening to hear about the addon being against their CoC despite the protests from players, New World players will have no choice but to do their resource gathering, item scavenging, and other things wherein a map would be a boon, the hard way.

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