New World Weapons Tier List Ranked from Best to Worst

Here's all of the weapons available in the game and rated from best to worst.

New World

Amazon’s newest MMORPG New World has recently been released on PC and has quickly become popular online. While the character builds have been one of the focuses in gameplay, it is actually built on the weapons that they wield during combat either in the field, or in player versus player battles. Here are all of the weapons that you can use in New World and rated from best to worst.

New World Weapons Tier List

New World Great Axe – Best Two Hand Melee Weapon

new world all weapons great axe

The Great Axe is a great two-handed weapon in our New World weapons tier list to use for crowd control, causes lots of damage, and surprisingly has abilities for movement. It has the best tracking compared to other melee weapons, which means you can easily hit enemies even if you are a bit outside of range.

Another ability that makes the Great Axe formidable is the Gravity Well ability. It literally sucks in multiple enemies to you and prevents them from scattering about. This is good for PvE battles as it “devours” groups of enemies into one small circle with the Great Axe.

The Charge movement ability is the best way to close the gap between you and an opponent in one fell swoop. Want to tank all of the aggro enemies to you only? Use the Reap skill to taunt enemies in dungeons. Definitely a great two-hand weapon to use with tons of useful abilities to master.

New World Life Staff – The Only Weapon That Can Heal

The Life Staff is the ONLY weapon that can heal you in our New World weapons tier list. While other weapons deal with different kinds of damage, this is the only one that can return your health points to a point and depending on your build, a large amount of it.

This is considered one of the best weapons to use since if you pair it with a powerful secondary weapon, this will make you almost invincible in PvP, conquering dungeons, and farming experience.

This is a support type of weapon and has two skill trees: Healing and Protector. Aside from healing yourself and your teammates, it can also offer support buffs, which increases stats that are helpful in combat.

New World Hatchet – The Killer Weapon in PvP

The Hatchet in our New World weapons tier list is known as the bane of any PvP player as it is the strongest killing weapon to use. Imagine this: getting 20 percent damage buff and if that ability is upgraded enough, it can heal his character for a considerate amount of time. And if his character has high Constitution, his heals will be astronomical. If you run away from him, he can catch up to you in just a second and freeze you on the spot for a short time.

This is why the Hatchet was a feared weapon to use in PvP during Beta tests. Its Berserk ability offers 20 percent damage buff and in higher tiers it gives you self-heal. If you have high CONS then your healing ability will be higher.

Basically, you were almost immortal with the Hatchet. If they run from you, just use the Feral Rush, which rushes you to your target and freezes them for two seconds. There is also the Infected Throw that reduces the targets’ ability to heal by 30 percent. This is the ONLY counter for healing in New World.

New World Fire Staff – Powerful Magic Stick Flinging Flame Spells

Of all the magical weapons to use in our New World weapons tier list, the Fire Staff is all about offense. It can deal the largest DPS of all weapons combined, basically a nuker. Its specialty is for wars, large-scale PvP. It has downsides though as its early stages offer quite heavy penalties in mana usage.

You can easily deplete your mana if you use this weapon without any secondary weapon that can support it. If you persevere in upgrading this weapon, then your efforts will be rewarded with better mana management and more powerful abilities to use.

New World Sword and Shield – Great Tank Weapon for Dungeons

One of the most common weapons to use in any game for offense and defense, the Sword and Shield is the best tank weapon in our New World weapons tier list to use for dungeon raids. It can tank a lot of damage and with the proper combination of members, healing can come easily. It is the best for cooperative gameplay, but not much on PvP.

New World Ice Gauntlet – The Best Offensive and Supportive Weapon

The Ice Gauntlet is surprisingly a great weapon to have in our New World weapons tier list, but not in part with the top 3 though. It is the best support weapon for any magic-wielding character since it has an ability that can regenerate mana. As an offensive weapon itself, it can offer good damage and has crow control capabilities. Its abilities can be combined to unleash a string of effects and damage in one go, which is perfect for PvP battles.

In PvP, the Ice Gauntlet is perfect for the Fire Staff. Pair these two up and you will be an unstoppable force in PvP battles as the Fire Staff unleashes offensive spells while the Ice Gauntlet uses the Entombed ability to separate you from the battle and making you invulnerable for a bit. This also gives you the opportunity to regenerate your mana and to cool down your spells.

New World Rapier – Fast and Deadly for PvP Single Combat

If you want something similar to a Thief or Assassin class type from other games, then the Rapier weapon is for you. It allows you to make the fastest build for PvP battles, just do not get cocky though. It can make you avoid a lot of hits and damage, but once you get hit, you will get a lot of damage in return. It is best to pair it up with other weapons that can compensate for its shortcomings, but if you do it can unleash a whole new level of beatdown.

For example, using the Fire Staff with the Rapier with good upgrades of your abilities will make you quite the force to be reckoned with in PvP battles. Using the Bow as your secondary weapon can balance things out with speedy melee attacks and precision ranged blows from afar.

New World War Hammer – Crowd Control Master with Life Staff

The War Hammer is a very slow weapon to use with no other abilities to compensate for its attack speed, which is sad. One of the not-so-good weapons to use in PvP, but great in dungeon runs. Now, if you pair this up with a Life Staff, now this is where your character will shine as you can take in a lot of damage with buffs with the Life Staff and healing to regenerate your health points. Overall, a good weapon to bring for PvE, not so much for PvP.

New World Spear – Knock Them All Down

If you are into a character build that can make enemies get knocked down for every hit, then the Spear is for you to use. While it does decent damage and can do stun in Vault Kick, its knockdown ability, the Sweep is the best one to use. It can be easily avoided, sure, but once you do get them to hit, it hits hard. Pair this with a Musket to combine all effects and compensate for its very hard-to-hit attacks. Not that deadly in PvP, but definitely the most annoying weapon to face.

New World Bow – Best in PvP War, Not So Good in Single Battle PvP

Long-range weapons are not best in single duels in PvP, but it does wonders with large scale ones like wars. The Bow is the best weapon to have as it offers burst damage and has tons of offensive skills that can offer tons of damage to enemies. You will need to be quite accurate in hitting enemies at far distances though. This is best paired with the Rapier as it is great for fast melee attacks and evasion.

New World Musket – Needs to be a Good Shot to Properly Make Use of This Weapon

The Musket is either a helpful or the worst weapon to use, and it all depends on the player who uses it. If you are good with aiming, then this is the weapon to have for primary or secondary equipment. If you are not though, then you should not bother using it. If you are proficient enough, then you should be making headshots to maximize damage on opponents. Not good for single duel PvPs, but in a PvP war, this is the best range support you can get from teammates from afar. Their Trap skills are nasty too as it keeps enemies trapped for a few seconds and cannot do anything in the situation.

These are all of the weapons that you can use in New World weapons tier list and are rated from best to worst.

New World is now available on PC.