New World Where to Find Small Halibut and How to Use

Players are looking high and low on how to find some Small Halibut and this guide is here to aid you guys in getting the information you need on it.

What Is Small Halibut in New World?

Small Halibut is a saltwater fish that players can salvage from other resources, restore health, and create some consumables. It’s one of the possible sizes of Halibut that players can get from Fishing.

It’s a Tier III Uncommon rarity resource that weighs about 0.3 kg in the player’s inventory.

Where to Find Small Halibut in New World ?

Players can obtain Small Halibut from Broad Fishing Hotspots or even better fishing hotspots. There is a fishing hotspot in Stoneview Seabreak that’s east of Windsward that is known for having a lot of halibut. Aside from that area, it can also be found in First Light, Restless Shore, Reekwater, and Brimstone Sands fishing hotspots.

Players also have the option of buying Small Halibut straight from Trading Posts provided that other players are selling it. When you enter the Trading Post, just make use of the SEARCH ITEMS function and enter “Small Halibut” or just “Halibut” for more options. You can then find which deal works best for your money.

You can also salvage Small Halibut from the following:

  • Halibut Viscera
  • Firm Fish Filet
  • Tender Fish Filet

Small Halibut also has a chance from dropping by the following enemies:

  • Alcyon
  • Archibald
  • Benat
  • Boor
  • Chardis
  • Cilla
  • Commander Thorpe
  • Despar
  • Guldar
  • Pride of the Trees
  • Selen-Undat
  • Skerryshiv Axeman
  • Skerryshiv Butcher
  • Skerryshiv Cultist
  • Skerryshiv Grunt
  • Skerryshiv Heavy
  • Skerryshiv Impaler
  • Skerryshiv Legionaire
  • Skerryshiv Mercenary
  • Skerryshiv Miner
  • Skerryshiv Swarmer
  • Skerryshiv Tendril
  • Unholy Rector

How to Use Small Halibut in New World?

Small Halibut on its own can be consumed by the player to recover a very small amount of health.

Small Halibut is also considered a crafting material that can be used to create consumable food items which combined with other ingredients can give players a greater amount of health restoration and buffs depending on what type of food item was crafted out of it.

It can be used in the following recipes:

  • Fish Bait
  • Light Meal
  • Hearty Meal
  • Satisfying Meal
  • Travel Ration
  • Energizing Light Meal
  • Energizing Hearty Meal
  • Energizing Satisfying Meal
  • Energizing Travel Ration

That about does it for this tiny morsel, You can also check out our fishing guide to help prep you guys on catching this slippery fish, and for more guides on New World, you can check them out here.