New World Where to Sell Items Guide

Here's how you can make money in the game and how you can take advantage of the economics.

Playing New World for the first time can be a bit confusing especially when you are trying to throw away or where to sell items for in-game cash. These unwanted drops are handy for such things only and you want them to become your source of income in this new MMORPG, but you do not know where to sell them. Here are the many ways in New World you can sell your items for in-game cash.

New World Where to Sell Items?

In New World, the economic mechanic will still be the same as any other MMORPG, forcing players to interact and trade with each other. There will be only a few NPCs that sell and buy items that you want, but for you to earn money, it will be through trade with strangers and friends. This “encourages” everyone to interact with the community since MMORPGs are meant to make their players communicate with each other, socialize with each other.

There are ways to sell your stuff if you are going solo, the game will not bar you that kind of freedom. Here is how you can do that.

Trading Posts want your stuffs

The best way to earn money by selling your items is via the Trading Posts inside the settlements. This is where you can get almost a fair trade for your unwanted items and sometimes even more than the asking price, depending on the situation. Each settlement has their own Trading Post and are separate from each other.

These trading posts are the places where players can post what they want to sell and buy with their set prices. You can earn a lot in here especially if you have a particular set of items that other players are desperately trying to acquire. They sometimes set it on a high price, which can be very lucrative for you. You can also put a price on your items that you want to sell at your own discretion, but it would not be that attractive if it is too expensive. You can also get items that you might want here at lower prices.

Looking for how to buy items at low prices or how to make big profits? Just check on online forums on what is on demand right now. You can ride that flow and make profits/buy items for cheap with this in mind. There are many players out there who are looking for certain gems that they could use in PvP and you might just have the extra ones that you want to sell and set it at higher prices, just a little bit higher to take advantage since you only have those stocks.

Players Trading Directly with Each Other

The second choice you have for selling your items is by just trading with other players. If you think the Trading Post is a no-go for you and you just want to sell your stuff directly to other players who really want those items you do not want at the moment, then you can go ahead. Just find them in-game and press H when facing them. The trading window will open, which will start the process.

This is a good way to socialize with other players, but there’s always a catch. There might be others out there that would have malicious thoughts and take advantage of you if you are not well informed. If you do not want this to happen, make sure you do your research first of the items you are trading like what it sells for usually or how much players are paying just to get these.

Salvage Items: The Last Resort

The last thing and the most not recommended method of gaining money from items is to salvage them. This is not a good way to do it since it will only give you a very small amount of cash for doing so. It is so small that it is less than gold.

There is an upside for this though, which is to gain parts. If you want to repair your armor, then salvage your other parts for repair parts.

These are all the methods of selling items in New World. If you want to know about the best PvP builds that you can follow, check this article here. If you want to know all of the weapons you can use in the game, check here.

New World is now available on PC.