Nightingale: Gateway to The Watch Quest Walkthrough

A guide on how to complete Nellie Bly's Gateway to the Watch quest in Nightingale

Nightingale Portal Stabiliser Component Quest cover

Gateway to The Watch is one of the main quests in Nightingale where players are tasked by Nellie Bly to recover the components of the Portal Stabiliser, a machine that could lead to The Watch realm. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the Gateway to The Watch Quest in Nightingale.

How to unlock the Gateway to The Watch Quest

The Gateway to The Watch quest will be available upon finding Nellie Bly at the Desert Herbarium realm. This realm becomes accessible by following the main story quests up until the Herbarium Site of Power has been cleared.

Starting the Quest

Starting the Quest - Nightingale Gateway to the Watch Quest Walkthrough

Upon talking to Nellie, she will talk to you about the Portal Stabiliser that they are working on. This machine will allow them to reach The Watch, a hub realm where other Realmwalkers meet up and band together to take on difficult quests. Nellie will then ask you to obtain three components for the stabiliser from three different boss beings:

  • Automaton Charm Oil from the Automaton Bishop (The Bishop’s Charm)
  • Elder Eoten Heart from the Elder Eoten (Heart of the Elder Eoten)
  • Pellucidic Etched Ingot from the Sun Giant (The Sun Giant’s Prize)

Each component will also have their own subquest that would appear in the journal.

Obtaining the Components

Obtaining the Components - Nightingale Gateway to the Watch Quest Walkthrough

To get the components, it is recommended to progress further through the rest of the realms first until you unlock the Hunt Card, although one of the beings, the Automaton Bishop, can be encountered much earlier.

These are the locations of each of the bosses that hold a component:

  • Automaton Bishop – Any Desert realm among the Herbarium, Gloom, or Hunt
  • Elder Eoten – Forest Hunt realm
  • Sun Giant – Desert Hunt realm

Go to each of these locations and hunt the bosses down. These bosses are one of the strongest creatures that you can encounter in their respective realms, so make sure that you have prepared with proper gear and weapons for the fight.

Also, it is best to use the Spyglass tool which will help in quickly locating these bosses out in the world, especially the Elder Eoten which blends within the forest. You will also start to see the boss’ health bar once you get close to one.

Obtaining the Components through the Peaceful Route

Obtaining the Components through the Peaceful Route  - Nightingale Gateway to the Watch Quest Walkthrough

Talking to Nellie will reveal that there is a peaceful way of obtaining the components without hunting the beings down and taking the items as loot. This will require you to meet up with three NPCs who can help you in crafting offerings that you can give to the bosses in exchange of the components.

These are the NPCs you need to talk to for the peaceful route and their locations:

  • Victor Frankenstein can be found in the Desert Astrolabe realm for the Automaton Bishop
  • Ludivine Saint-Clair can be found in the Swamp Antiquarian realm for the Elder Eoten
  • Danu can be found in the Swamp Gloom realm for the Sun Giant

Each of these NPCs will have their own subquest that you have to fulfill in order for them to give you the recipe to craft the offerings.

Once you have the offering for the boss you are after, track down the boss as usual, but instead of engaging with them, you will have to look for a receptacle where you can place the offering. For the Automaton Bishop, it will spawn a pedestal made out of glimmering lights once you approach it. For the Elder Eoten, there will be a pedestal made out of wooden vines near it. For the Sun Giant, it will extend out its hands to you to accept the offering.

After handing over the offering, the boss will drop the component that you need. Additionally, obtaining the offering does not stop you from attacking the boss to get a duplicate of the component that you can then give out to a friend.

It is recommended to disarm your companion first by unequipping any weapon or tool from its hands. This is to prevent your companion from attacking the bosses and stopping them from accepting your offering.

Doing the peaceful route leads to unlocking an achievement for each of the three offerings that you will give.

Completing the quest

Completing the quest  - Nightingale Gateway to the Watch Quest Walkthrough

Once you have all of the components for the Portal Stabiliser, hand them over to Nellie and you will be able to access The Watch. You will also be given The Watch card that you can use to create a portal to The Watch. Fast traveling to The Watch will also become possible through the map by completing a short quest right after.

You will unlock the Off to the Presses achievement and will also be rewarded with the following:

  • x1 Scout’s Boots
  • x1 Moderate Strengthening Postion
  • x2 Constancy Infusion (Durability)
  • x2 Etched Ingot (Iron)
  • x4 Molded Glass (Quartz)

The Watch will allow you to meet other players of the game within the lobby. From here, you can start your next journey and talk to the other NPCs, Explorers as they call themselves, and take on quests to get the other Ascended Major Realm Cards. You can also take on Vaults which are the dungeon-like experience that you can take on solo, with friends, or with other players.