Nightingale: How to get Synchronous Lotus

Nightingale: How to get Synchronous Lotus

The Synchronous Lotus is a key material that is used for crafting portals in Nightingale. These portals are crucial for accessing new realms, each brimming with unique resources, challenges, and mysteries. As you progress through the early main quests, the importance of the Synchronous Lotus becomes clear, setting the stage for your adventure. If you’re wondering how to get a Synchronous Lotus in Nightingale, here’s what you need to know.

Where to Find Synchronous Lotus in Nightingale

To get a Synchronous Lotus, one must face the many obstacles and explore the various locations of Nightingale. The easiest methods to get your hands on this item are the following:

  1. Fae Towers: Your quest for the Synchronous Lotus ideally begins at the Fae Towers, marked structures on your map that are relatively easier to locate. Completing the challenges within a Fae Tower rewards you with a Synchronous Lotus, usually found in a chest at the top of the tower.
  2. Fae Portal (Cave): Some realms feature a unique Fae Portal, recognizable from the common ones, nestled among points of interest. This portal leads to a new area where you must navigate through rooms and overcome obstacles without the need for cards. A Synchronous Lotus chest awaits those who successfully clear this area.
  3. Fae Ruins: Although more challenging to locate due to their often underground location, Fae Ruins present another avenue for obtaining a Synchronous Lotus. After battling through monsters and solving the ruins’ mysteries, you may find a Synchronous Lotus within a chest.

What is Synchronous Lotus used for in Nightingale?

Once you have a Synchronous Lotus in hand, crafting a Portal becomes your next objective. The process introduces you to a basic yet important crafting recipe. To construct a Crude Portal, you will need:

  • 1 Synchronous Lotus
  • 10 Lumber
  • 7 Ingots
  • 3 Wires

You will find more complicated resources and recipes as you explore the Nightingale realms, but this recipe marks the beginning of your crafting adventures.

That’s how to get synchronous lotus in Nightingale. Make sure you utilize your map to locate and investigate Points of Interest, as they can often lead you to chests containing Synchronous Lotus. Additionally, as your Gear Score increases and you face more tougher enemies, the rewards, including Synchronous Lotuses, become more accessible.