Nightingale: How to Hit Heartshots

Hitting heartshots is a way to deal critical damage in Nightingale. Here's a guide that teaches you how to do it properly.

Nightingale How to Hit Heartshots

Heartshots stand alongside Headshots as critical hits in Nightingale, capable of inflicting massive damage on enemies and other creatures. However, getting a Heartshot is pretty much more challenging due to the smaller and more specific hitbox required.

Bass Reeves will task you with hitting heartshots as part of your proving ground in ranged weaponry mastery, and you might be one of those players who have been aimlessly doing the quest for hours now. As such, here are some helpful tips on how to hit heartshots easily in Nightingale.

How to Hit a Heartshot in Nightingale

Here’s how to properly hit a heartshot in Nightingale:

  • For Bipedal Enemies: Aim for the middle of the chest, right beneath the neck area. This is generally applicable to humanoid enemies and Bound creatures.
  • For Quadrupeds: The heart’s location varies slightly. Aim for the left side of the chest, just above the upper front leg. This includes animals like deer, boars, and wolves.

Attacking from stealth and crouching also helps in staying undetected while stabilizing your aim, providing a clearer shot at the heart area, especially from the side. A successful Heartshot is marked by a gold damage icon, indicating significant damage, often enough to immediately kill a target.

How to Hit Heartshots in Nightingale

Although you’ll start out with a Slingbow, a gun will greatly increase your odds of success when it comes to Heartshots. A great pick is the Lancaster Pistol, which can be obtained through Essence Traders in exchange for Essence Dust. Guns are perfect for headshots and heartshots as they allow for higher accuracy and multiple shots.

Landing heartshots requires a bit of patience. The small target area, combined with different creature movements, makes every attempt a learning opportunity. Start with less aggressive animals to get a feel for the aiming mechanics before challenging more hostile creatures. You’ll soon turn this challenging task into a rewarding skill. Remember, practice makes perfect, and every missed shot is a step closer to mastery. Happy hunting!