Nightingale: Search for the Lawman Quest Guide

A guide on how to complete the Search the Lawman quest in NIghtingale

Nightingale Search for the Lawman cover

Search for the Lawman is a quest in Nightingale where players have to investigate a Lawman that has been spotted within one of the Fae realms. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the Search for the Lawman quest in Nightingale.

How to unlock the “Search for the Lawman” quest

How to unlock the "Search for the Lawman" quest in Nightingale

Upon clearing the Provisioner Site of Power and obtaining the Provisioner realm card, you will get the A New Rumor quest where you will have to talk to Wilhelmina and listen to her rumor. Once done, you will unlock the Search for the Lawman quest.

Find the Lawman

Find the Lawman - Nightingale Search for the Lawman Quest Guide

From your conversation with Wilhelmina, you will learn that the Lawman has been spotted in a Provisioner realm, though she does not know which biome he’s at. The Lawman that you need to find is at the Forest Provisioner realm as pointed out by the objective itself.

Prepare your realm cards and travel over to the Forest Provisioner realm. Once there, open your map and look for the marker that says Bass Reeves. Make your way to that location and you will finally meet the Lawman, Bass Reeves.

Talk to Bass and you will be presented with several response choices. Regardless if you choose to lie about knowing Wilhelmina or speak the truth, Bass will eventually learn about it, so pick whichever response you want to complete the objective.

Earn the Lawman’s Trust

Talk to Bass once again and he will ask how he could help you. Choose either of the first two options and this will start the “Arm Yourself” quest. In this quest, you will need to craft yourself any kind of a ranged weapon and x12 ammunition of any kind. Completing it will unlock The Letter of the Law achievement. This will also gain Bass’ trust and complete the objective.

You will also be rewarded with the following items:

  • x1 Charm (Charm of Steadiness)
  • x1 Slight Veiled Potion
  • x2 Clarity Infusion (Range)
  • x2 Lumber (Hardwood)
  • x12 Powder (Coal)

Take aim and shoot

Take aim and shoot - Nightingale Search for the Lawman Quest Guide

For this next objective, Bass will tell you to do two heartshots and three headshots. The headshots are relatively easy to do, but in case you’re finding it harder to land heartshots, check out our How to hit Heartshots guide.

Report back to Bass after completing the task and you will be rewarded with:

  • x2 Conyeance Infusion (Ranged Damage)
  • x12 Powder (Sulphur)
  • x1 Marksman Card

Deliver the information

After learning about Bass’ purpose in the realm, you can then head back to Wilhelmina to tell her about the information. In order to complete the quest, you will need to tell the truth to Wilhelmina and go against Bass’ wishes. You will then be rewarded with x100 T1 Essences for completing the entire quest.

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