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If you’re hoping to take your sweet time to beat One Piece Odyssey and just enjoy the journey, then you’re in for quite the journey with the Straw Hats. After getting stranded in a mysterious island called Waford, Luffy and the crew must reunite after being shipwrecked and regain back their previous strength after their abilities that were taken from them. That may sound like it’ll take a while, because it totally would.

This article will tell you who long it would take to beat One Piece Odyssey.

How long is One Piece Odyssey going to be?

It will take about 30 hours to beat the main campaign of One Piece Odyssey which already includes doing additional side quests along the way. This was confirmed by game producer Katsuaki Tsuzuki in an interview conducted by One More Game.

According to the interview article, One Piece Odyssey will allow players to complete several side-activities and talk to towns which provides more playtime that could extend the time it’ll take to beat One Piece Odyssey to around 50-60 hours. Even after beating the story, players will have more difficult missions to tackle that promises to be very challenging and require keen tactics and teamwork to beat. Players who purchase the One Piece Odyssey Deluxe Edition will also get some bonus story content which may add some time to the overall experience.

You can read our One Piece Odyssey Hands-On Impression for our thoughts on the game. Expect that it can be challenging to beat One Piece Odyssey as combat requires a keen eye for strategy and targeting your opponents weakness. However with the Straw Hats working together, they can make short work of their enemies.

One Piece Odyssey Length - How long to beat

It will take longer to beat One Piece Odyssey for those who want to get everything in the game. Our One Piece Odyssey Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum shows just what you have to do to 100% everything the game has to offer which includes finding collectibles such as cube fragments, Yaba Cubes, recipes, and etc.

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