Outlast Trials Enemies: All Monsters Trying to Kill You

Here are all The Outlast Trials enemies and monster types you must avoid during your playthrough. You're done if they catch you.

The Outlast Trials enemies Mother Gooseberry

The Outlast Trials enemies are going to put you through hell if you want to make it out alive. Set in the Cold War era, you’re a lab rat who’s tasked with completing objectives while evading unstoppable enemies that chase you around every corner. There are different psychopaths that will try to kill you in The Outlast Trials, and this guide will show you each of them.

Here are The Outlast Trials enemies that you’ll encounter:

Outlast Trials Enemies


  • Grunts
  • Big Grunts
  • Pouncer
  • Pusher
  • Screamer
  • Imposters
  • Beserker
  • Night Hunter
  • Pitcher
  • Ground Pitcher
  • Climber
  • Stalker
  • Trickster

Prime Assets

  • Mother Gooseberry
  • Leland Coyle
  • Prescott Whitehorn
The Outlast Trials Enemies

The enemies chasing you in The Outlast Trials are called Ex-Pops. Some of which have their own gimmick that they’ll use to put a permanent stop to your tracks. Take, for example, imposters, who can disguise themselves as one of your coop teammates and then stab you when they get close. Pay close attention to your teammates to see if something is off about the spelling of their names.

Other enemies will not necessarily chase you like screamers, who will instead stun you with a loud noise and attract deadlier enemies to your position while you’re vulnerable. When you’re stunned, it’s hard to run away from even the basic Grunts, who give chase when they spot you.

Who you really need to watch out for are the Prime Assets such as Mother Gooseberry and Leland Coyle. They’re a step above the regular enemies in the game, and they’re related to the story for each trial you’ll go through. They seem to be harder to stun and are more unpredictable, so avoiding them at any cost should be a priority.

Since The Outlast Trials allows for coop multiplayer, the enemies have to step up their game. They’re a reminder that just because you’re playing with other people doesn’t mean that you’re safe. You’ll have to watch for every corner as some enemies like to hide until you’re caught in their trap and are vulnerable.

As The Outlast Trials is still in Early Access, we don’t have the full list of enemies just yet. But once the game comes closer to full release, we’ll be sure to update this article to add more information to the list.

Those are all The Outlast Trials enemies that you’ll encounter so far. Get the game now for your PC by purchasing a copy on Steam or Epic Games.