Overwatch Merge Accounts Cross-Progression Guide

Blizzard has finally given us the option to merge our Overwatch accounts for the sake of cross-progression. You’re going to want to get this done as soon as you can since this will transfer you Overwatch 2 progress to all platforms you play the game on. This guide will show you how Overwatch merge accounts will work.

How to Merge Your Overwatch Accounts?

  1. Start Overwatch 2 on consoles.
  2. Go to Menu and select Options.
  3. Go to the Link Account tab.
  4. Follow the instructions given to you and use your mobile phone to scan the QR code.
  5. Log into your Battle.net account or create a new one.
  6. With your Overwatch 2 console profile linked to your Battle.net account, go to the Main Menu and select Account Merge.
  7. Verify that the account you’re merging is the right one and then confirm the account.
  8. Repeat this for every console you play Overwatch 2 on.

Once you’ve done the above, you’ve successfully merged your Overwatch 2 accounts. Your progress will be shared on every platform you play on so long as your profile is linked to your Battle.net account.

Overwatch Merge Accounts Cross-Progression Guide

Overwatch 2 requires a Battle.net account to play which is part of its change to becoming a free-to-play title. The upside to this is that it lets you merge your accounts for cross-progression so you don’t have to level up your Battle Pass and collect skins separately.

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What Transfers Over After Merging Overwatch 2 Accounts?

Here is everything that will transfer over after you merge your Overwatch 2 accounts:

  • Achievements: In-game trophies/achievements will be shared across platforms.
  • Game Settings: Custom game settings will be shared across platforms but will be limited depending on what settings was changed.
  • Endorsements: Your Endorsement level will be carried across different platforms.
  • Skins: The Overwatch skins you’ve collected will be shared across platforms.
  • Hero Gallery: Every item you’ve unlocked will be shared.
  • Overwatch Coins: Premium Currency will be pooled together during the merge allowing you to have everything purchased under one account.
  • Overwatch League Tokens: PlayStation, Xbox, and PC Overwatch League Tokens will be pooled together. However Tokens from the Nintendo Switch will not be transferrable.
  • Skill Rating: The skill ratings will be different for PC and consoles with the latter using the highest tally from each account.
  • Stats: Statistics will be measured from each account with some stats depending on the general average and others using the highest value.
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That’s our Overwatch Merge Accounts Cross-Progression Guide. We hope you found this article to be informative. For more Overwatch 2 content, you’re in the right place.

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