Overwatch Professionals Get Fined $1000 For Inappropriate Chat In League Match


Game company Blizzard recently fined two Overwatch professionals for making inappropriate chat in a public league match.

Overwatch Pros gets fined

The two professional players that got fined are Los Angeles Valiant’s Jung-won Mun also known as Lastro, and San Francisco Shock’s Dong-jun Rascal Kim. The fine was $1000 due to the exchange they had that got unintentionally broadcasted on Twitch to the whole world during a League match.

Lastro started it all with the word sex then followed it with some rather malicious phrases like big dick. His teammate, Matthew “super” DeLisi actually warned him that the public could see the chat right now, but Rascal did not stop and answered back with the same phrase. He also added some kind of an ASCII art with the same provocative idea.

Super finally made everyone stop, but it was too late already. The chat was seen in public and now Blizzard had to implement the punishment at a later time. It was fun for them, but that needed some discipline.

The instigator, Lastro, has posted an apology on his official Twitter account to the world.

Thanks PC Gamer, Dexerto.

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