Palworld: Digtoise Location, Breeding, Drops, Skills & Stats

A guide on How to Get Digtoise in Palworld

Palworld Digtoise cover

Palworld’s Digtoise is a Pal most often sought for its ability to mine stone and ore deposits by spinning its spiked shell on them. Digtoise is tagged as #67 on the Paldeck and is a Ground-type pal which is strong against Electric types and weak against Grass types. Read ahead as we share the locations on where Digtoise can be captured, how to breed for one in Palworld, along with insights into its drops, skills, and stats.

Digitoise Location: Where to find Digtoise in Palworld?

To find Digtoise, head over to the rocky beaches northeast of the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant and Investigator’s Fork fast travel points. They can also be found on the northeastern coastline of the map. Digtoise often spawn alone.

Breeding Combo: How to breed Digtoise in Palworld?

Digtoise can be obtained by breeding one male and one female Digtoise, and can be bred early from these following combinations:

  • Digtoise(♂) + Digtoise(♀) = Digtoise
  • Rushoar + Surfent = Digtoise
  • Lifmunk + Relaxaurus = Digtoise
  • Direhowl + Bushi = Digtoise
  • Jolthog + Elizabee = Digtoise
  • Foxparks + Relaxaurus = Digtoise

Digtoise Stats

Here are Tombat’s stats and key attributes such as its health, defense, stamina, and various attack capabilities:

  • HP: 80
  • Defense: 120
  • Stamina: 100
  • Support: 100
  • Melee Attack: 80
  • Shot Attack: 95
  • Crafting Speed: 100
  • Running Speed: 300
  • Slow Walk Speed: 75
  • Sprinting Speed: 420

Digtoise Skills

Active SkillLevel UnlockedDescription
Aqua GunLv 1Hurls a ball of water straight at an enemy.
Stone BlastLv 7Fires a barrage of stones forward.
Shell SpinLv 15Digtoise’s exclusive skill. Moves while spinning its whole body at high speeds. Drills through enemies, dealing continuous damage.
Stone CannonLv 22Digs up a boulder and hurls it at an enemy.
Sand TornadoLv 30Generates two sand tornadoes on either side before launching them at an enemy.
Aqua BurstLv 40Creates a giant ball of water and hurls it at an enemy.
Rock LanceLv 50Generates a sharp rock spear under an enemy.
Drill CrusherPartner SkillWhen activated, performs Shell Spin, follows the player while spinning, and mines ores efficiently.

Digtoise’s partner skill, Drill Crusher, will allow players to command Digtoise to use its Shell Spin attack on a stone or ore deposit to mine it. However, despite having Mining Lv3, Digtoise’s mining capability when assigned as a base helper is not as good as other Pals like Tombat and Anubis. This is because Digtoise’s standard mining is not being initiated via the partner skill, and so it does not get a mining buff.

Because of this, Digtoise is only efficient at active mining when included in the party and sent out to actively dig.

Digtoise Drops

Digtoise can drop the following items when hunted:

  • Ore
  • High Quality Pal Oil

Digtoise is a good Pal to bring into the party when doing some active mining around the map due to its high Mining level. However, this is not the case when it is assigned as a base helper, and it will only be useful up until the player acquires the Refined Metal Pickaxe which is a much more efficient way to actively mine.