Payday 3 Easter Eggs

Payday 3 has many Easter eggs hidden behind the environment. Can you find all of them?

Payday 3 Easter Eggs

There are some clever Easter eggs hidden all over Payday 3, if you know where to look. Developers Starbreeze has always had their attention to detail, where they like to hide references and other homages right in the environment of Payday 3. To celebrate the game’s release after ten long years, here are the best Payday 3 Easter eggs we found.


One of the most iconic songs from Payday 2 sadly never made it into Payday 3. However, it is added as an Easter egg by listening to cars passing by on the street in any of the heists. Though you have a better chance of hearing it on the Dirty Ice heist, It could be one of the cars passing beside the venue, which you can stop by standing in front of the vehicle.

Sadly, Razormind isn’t going to be blasting when fighting the police. I mentioned that this was a bit of a letdown in my Payday 3 review, but it’s nice that the developers know we’d miss this.

You Got Rickrolled

The prank meme that hasn’t died is in Payday 3. In the Dirty Ice and Rock the Cradle heists, you’re asked to steal a QR code, which you’ll use to get into important locations. Should you use this QR code to see where it leads, you’ll be redirected to Youtube, where Rick Astley sings “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

Don’t get me wrong, “Never Gonna Give You Up” is an amazing song, but it has been used to playfully prank people by clicking on a misleading link that leads to Risk Aston’s Youtube channel. Thus, the phrase “Rickroll” or “Rickrolling” is kept alive by Payday 3.

No One Cared Who I Was

Until I put on the mask. If you don’t get this reference, you’re probably not a Batman fan. One of the most iconic superheroes’ returning enemies is Bane, who’s quite famous for saying this line in The Dark Knight Rises. This is one of the Payday 3 trophies you can achieve pretty easily.

To get No One Cared Who I Was… you just have to put on your mask. Which in Payday 3 is kind of unavoidable even if you’re playing stealth without having to deal with guards. You have to put on your mask at some point.

Attack on Titan Employees

In the Gold & Sharke heist, you’re asked to look for specific employees who have second floor access in the Human Resources room. Two of those employees happen to have very peculiar names. Erik Yaeger almost shares the same name as the main protagonist of Shingeki No Kyojin, Eren Jaeger, only with the last letter of his first name and the first letter of his last name switched out.

The other employee’s name? Liam Ackerman. While these references aren’t too big, the names are a bit too much to be a coincidence.