Payday 3: How to Fix Matchmaking Error

Here are some workable fixes for the matchmaking error in Payday 3.

The problem with Payday 3 is that it is always matchmaking before it puts you in a lobby. This is true even if you’re playing alone, which is why it can be bothersome when matchmaking doesn’t work. Read on as we list down all the workable fixes you can try for the matchmaking error in Payday 3.

How to Fix Matchmaking Error in Payday 3

To fix matchmaking not working simply cancel the heist and try again. Once you click on “Cancel Matchmaking” it’ll take you back to the Main Menu where you can choose to reselect the same heist again. This should matchmake you into a lobby.

We aren’t quite sure what causes matchmaking in Payday 3 to not work but it may have something to do with its servers. When this happened for us, we were able to fix it with the method above. However if this doesn’t work, we recommend quitting and restarting the game again.

If neither cancelling the heist matchmaking nor restarting the game works, there are other methods you can use:

  • Update Payday 3 to its current version. If you’re having problems matchmaking and none of your friends are having the same problems, this could be the culprit. Manually check to see if Payday 3 is updated to its latest version.
  • Check your firewall. Your firewall may be causing some problems especially if it blocks certain features Payday 3 needs to matchmake you with. Check to ensure there’s no problems.
  • Wait a little later. If all else fails, come back later and see if it works. Check online to see if the Payday 3 servers are down. Even if you’re in the main menu, you can still experience problems on the server side. You might have better luck later.

Payday 3 will always matchmake you even if you’re playing alone. Because it’s required that you’re always online, there’s no option to turn it off. So if matchmaking doesn’t work, you won’t be able to get into a lobby and play. As many players are complaining about the poor servers the game is running in, Starbreeze is seemingly exploring for Payday 3 offline options.