Payday 3 Show Invitation to Bouncer (Bug Fix)

Payday 3 Show Invitation to Bouncer (Bug Fix) featured

Even after grabbing the authenticated VIP passes, you may encounter Payday 3 not letting you show invitations to the bouncer. This prevents you from getting into the VIP area of the Neon Cradle nightclub to steal the crypto wallets and access the vault. Unfortunately it’s possible that the bouncer still won’t let you in even with the authenticated passes.

This guide will show you any possible fixes to fix the show invitation to bouncer bug in Payday 3.

How to Fix Show Invitation to Bouncer Bug in Payday 3

The only way to fix the show invitation to bouncer not working is to quit the heist and restart the mission entirely. Voting to restart the heist isn’t going to work so you really have to go back to the main menu and begin Rock the Cradle again.

There isn’t a way to guarantee that the bouncer will accept your VIP passes but we were able to increase our chances by not deviating from this option. The other route is to mess with the speakers to attract the bouncer upstairs which could possibly trigger the bouncer not accepting the VIP invitation.

We aren’t sure what causes this glitch to happen so it’s possible you’ll encounter it when you start Rock the Cradle. You’ll either have to quit the heist and start again which can be frustrating or use the alternate method of getting in.

Alternate Solution to Get to the VIP Area

You can still get into the VIP area without having to quit and start Rock the Cradle. Sabotage the speakers above and lure the guard to fixing the music. Take out the guard and steal the blue keycard he’s carrying and sneak into the VIP club.

This is possible because there’s only one bouncer left. You can carefully sneak on the side and unlock the door with the keycard. Let your teammates come in by moving the barrels to the left side of the door and getting rid of the ventilation shaft. For the player who sabotaged the cameras, they can make their way back down to the VIP club using the ventilation shaft on the same platform as the speakers.

However this method will cause the cameras and other guards to detect you on sight since you’re not a VIP. Especially considering that sabotaging the speakers requires one of you to put on a mask. You’ll have to carefully sneak past the cameras placed on the stairs. From our experience it’s still possible to stealth this mission using this method as we were able to access the crypto wallet after sneaking into the IT room.