Perfecting A Masterpiece: 12 The Witcher 3 Mods That Will Make You Feel Like It’s Remastered

Weather Enhanced (link)

The title of the mod does exactly that, it enhances the already ridiculous tree sways during storms and even adds snow in regions where there is not supposed to be any. It also intensifies fog in certain areas of the world.

AMM – The Appearance Menu Mod (link)

The best mod for the Witcher 3 if you are into model customization. Period. This extensive menu allows you mix and match different assets to create your own unique Geralt and Roach. It even allows you wear different head gears which the unmodified game does not allow. Just be careful when mixing things up because model clipping is imminent when you have no limit or restrictions.

Lip Movement and HiRes Shadows on NPCs in gameplay (link) and High Quality Faces (link)

Yes, I am aware that these are two mods, but I am a firm believer that they go hand in hand. There is nothing complicated with this mod, it just allows you to view character models with more clarity and depth while outside dialogue scenes. They also move their lips when talking despite not being in a cutscene.

Common Eyes (link)

As the common proverb goes: “Eyes are the windows to the soul.” Dialogues now feel more authentic in a subtle way, because of the added sensation of humanity that comes from their livelier expression. There is comfort in familiarity, and eyes are usually the first thing we as people see. The added lucidity and gleam from them helps us be more engrossed subconsciously.

Ultimate Engine (link)

ReShades are post-processing plugins that allows you color grade and add various effects to the game’s image. With the Ultimate Engine ReShade, the world of the Witcher 3 suddenly has punchier colors and the contrast levels are deepened. Sharpness is increased and the added ambient light helps the scene be presented in a more “post-eighth generation” videogame cinematic style.

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