Perfecting A Masterpiece: 12 The Witcher 3 Mods That Will Make You Feel Like It’s Remastered

The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project (link here)

With a whopping download size of about 400mb, this texture mod just about replaces many blurry textures with crisp ones that do not hog performance at all. This is a win-win situation for anyone looking for sharper visuals.

Not only are the textures improved, but the geometrical details are also more refined, and the overall design integrity is not tampered.

Wiedzmin Lighting Mod (link here)

A complete lighting overhaul based on the popular STLM (Super Turbo Lighting Mod) that tries to mimic the original E3 lighting system that was shown in concept arts and trailers. While STLM is more popular, I prefer this mod because of the subtle changes that include, a more neutral tone for blown out highlights, lessening on the orange tint, and a cooler white balance that seems more fitting given the setting.

The swamp section of the game also looks a lot more atmospheric thanks to the desaturated touch, and abundant fog that is present.

E3DodgeSystem (link)The inclusion of this mod may be a bit controversial because it flat out replaces Geralt’s ability to roll with a pirouette dodge. The constant rolling reminded me of the Dark Souls games and in order to differentiate itself a bit more and be slightly more lore-friendly. The mod also contains some optional animations that make Geralt twirl his blades while standing idle during combat.

Better FX (link)

A quick fix to add more rendering methods to particles such as smoke and fire. Flames now cast light on smoke, and certain spell effects get visually boosted.

Immersive Cam (link)

Framing is vital when trying to tell a visual story. A low angle may indicate that the odds are not in your favor, whereas a crooked angle can sometimes imply that something sinister may transpire anytime. Having a different camera angle can drastically help your immersion in the game’s world. If you decide to play the entire game in an adaptive over the should angle, which this mods provides, rather than the default wide camera angle, the town suddenly seems bigger, and more lifelike. The caves become more claustrophobic, and the combat starts to feel more personal as the close-up view is more intimidating.

A separate options menu becomes available for your desired camera angle. Tweak it all you want, as much as you want, for each perspective that is present in the game.

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