Phasmophobia: All Summoning Circle locations & How to Use It

A complete guide that explains how the Music Box works in Phasmophobia an where to find it on every map. (Updated v0.9.6.1)

Phasmophobia All Summoning Circle locations & How to Use It

In Phasmophobia, the Summoning Circle is one of seven cursed items, which are objects that can be used for identifying the ghost, triggering events, or even completing optional challenges. The Summoning Circle stands out from all the cursed items mainly because it resembles a big pentagram drawn on the floor, with red candles at every corner. It does what it says it will do—summons the ghost—so be ready for the worst. But given the evidence it can yield, it’s worth the risk, especially if you know where to look for it.

As such, this guide will explain how to use the Summoning Circle and where to find its spawn location on each map in Phasmophobia, so read on.

How to use the Summoning Circle in Phasmophobia?

To use a Summoning Circle in Phasmophobia, you need to light up all 5 candles using a lighter to force the ghost to appear in the middle of the circle for 5 seconds. Make sure you have a lighter in your inventory. You can equip it and use the primary interaction button (right-click on PC, RT/R2 on controllers) to ignite it.

Each time you light a candle on the summoning circle, you lose 16% of your sanity. If you light all candles while you have more than 80% sanity, the ghost is summoned for 5 seconds where it can’t hunt. However, if your sanity is already below 16% lighting a candle will extinguish it immediately (this is not a bug). If you force and try to light all the candles when your sanity is already low, a cursed ghost hunt will be triggered instead.

The result of lighting the candles on the Summoning Circle depends entirely on your sanity level at the moment you light the final candle. Remember, if you light all five, a total of 80% can be taken out, so it’s best to divide the task and have other players take turns on lighting each candle. Players should decide on specific evidence goals before using the circle. Coordinate who will light the candles, who will stand by with smudge sticks, and who will gather evidence. If possible, use sanity pills to immediately restore sanity. Always have an escape route in mind, even if you aim for the summoning with high sanity. Find hiding spots, use smudge sticks to stop or slow the ghost, and stay quiet.

The forced ghost manifestation helps with evidence that requires visibility or interaction such as:

  • Fingerprints
  • Ghost Orbs
  • Ghost Writing
  • Photographs of the ghost

The Summoning Circle has a significant cooldown period after use. You won’t be able to activate it again for quite some time. This cooldown may vary depending on difficulty or other factors. The chance of an instant hunt with sanity above 80% appears slightly higher on Nightmare difficulty.

If you want to have a Summoning Circle in every game, change your Cursed Possessions quantity (under Contracts in Custom Difficulty) and make sure to include a Summoning Circle. This way it will be guaranteed to spawn once you load into a map. Here’s where to find all Phasmophobia Summoning Circles on every map.

6 Tanglewood Drive

The Summoning Circle at 6 Tanglewood Drive can be found on the floor inside the basement, near the bottom of the stairs. Go through the living room, then turn right into a small hallway before the kitchen, in between two doors. Once there, enter through the door to your left and go down the stairs to reach the basement.

42 Edgefield Road

The Summoning Circle at 42 Edgefield Road can be found inside a storage room in the basement. As you enter the front door, just head straight into the small hallway and enter through the door behind the stairs to your right. Once you’re in the basement, go inside another door on your right to reach the storage room.

10 Ridgeview Court

The Summoning Circle at 10 Ridgeview Court can be found on the floor in front of the entryway inside the basement. As you go inside the house, turn left and enter through the door behind the dining table. Then go down the stairs and open another door to reach the basement. You’ll find the Summoning Circle as soon as you walk into the entryway.

Grafton Farmhouse

To find the Summoning Circle at Grafton Farmhouse, enter through the front door and take the stairs to your right. Once you reach the second floor, go inside the room to your right, then enter another room across the bed to your left. Once inside, go to the other end of the room and find the cursed possession on the floor, next to some boxes.

13 Willow Street

The Summoning Circle at 13 Willow Street can be found on the hallway inside the basement. As you enter the front door, continue forward until you reach the hallway past the living room and kitchen. Once there, enter through the door on your left (across the bathroom) and go down the stairs to reach the basement.

Brownstone High School

The Summoning Circle at Brownstone High School can be found in the very first area after entering through the main door, lying on the floor in the middle toward the two pillars.

Bleasdale Farmhouse

The Summoning Circle at Bleasdale Farmhouse can be found on the floor inside the attic. To get there, enter through the front door and take the stairs to your right. Once you reach the second floor, follow along the hallway until you see another set of stairs. Head up the attic and turn left to find the cursed possession.

Sunny Meadows & Sunny Meadows Restricted

The Summoning Circle at Sunny Meadows and the restricted version of the map can be found inside the chapel on the ground floor, near the cross. The chapel room is located behind the bulletin board that you’ll come across as you make your way from the entrance and straight through the corridor past the reception desk.


The Summoning Circle at the Prison map can be found on the floor at the end of the hallway across the main entrance, near the door that leads to the prison cells.

Maple Lodge Campsite

The Summoning Circle at Maple Lodge Campsite can be found inside the first floor of the cabin by the river. As you enter the camp, take the path through the staff storage area on your right to quickly reach the cabin. You can find the key to the cabin’s front door on the floor beside the doormat.

Camp Woodwind

The Summoning Circle at Camp Woodwind can be found inside the second white folding tent behind the campfire, on the ground in between the tables.

That covers every Summoning Circle spawn location on each map available in Phasmophobia. Find out all the other cursed possessions, how to use them, and their spawn locations using our guides listed below:

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*This article is a work in progress and will constantly be updated with newer versions of the game.*