Phasmophobia Prestige and Leveling Explained

Learn how the prestige mechanic works and level up fast in Phasmophobia using this guide.

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Leveling up in Phasmophobia has never been easier with a new prestige system that ensures you always have something to work for. Kinetic Games have changed quite a lot since the previous iteration of this leveling system, so even long-time veterans who haven’t picked up the game in a while might have some questions.

Along with leveling come new cosmetic options that you can use to customize your character. It’s tied to the new prestige system, which isn’t explained quite so thoroughly. In this helpful guide, I’ll teach you all you need to know about the Phasmophobia prestige system and leveling-up mechanics that will leave you without any questions.

Prestige in Phasmophobia Explained

Prestige in Phasmophobia means resetting your level back to 0 once you reach level 100. This will also reset your progress in terms of equipment and map unlocks; however, your cosmetic options will remain untouched.

The prestige system in Phasmophobia is similar to that of other games like Call of Duty or Hunt: Showdown. Once you reach level 100, you can’t really gain anything by reaching additional levels anymore, and you’re given the option to reset your progress back to level 0 for additional cosmetic rewards. You’ll have to earn your way back to level 100 again.

You can see the option to prestige in the player lobby. A blue Prestige button will appear underneath your player ID once you reach level 100. Pressing that button will give you a warning showing what you have to lose before you make the commitment to Prestige.

So what resets after you Prestige? Your money, equipment, and level will all be reset back to as if you’re level 0 again. However, you’ll be able to keep everything else, including the maps you’ve unlocked.

The level cap in Phasmophobia is level 999. By the time you reach Level 100, there’s really nothing new to unlock anymore in subsequent levels. You would’ve unlocked every new piece of equipment at the store and map to play in at that point.

Prestige Level in Phasmophobia

There is a limit and you can only Prestige up to 20 times. For every time you choose to Prestige, the XP required for your next one will increase. The number of times you Prestige will show up on your player ID card as roman numerals under your level so you can check your progress.

There are differences in Prestige levels depending on whether you played Phasmophobia before the Ascension update. New players will start at Prestige 0, Level 1. Older players who played the game before Ascension will start at Prestige 1, Level 1, so they’ll be able to keep playing with unlocked difficulties and maps.

For many, the option to Prestige can be a hard decision, with the more advanced equipment you’ve unlocked from the store being locked again. However, it comes with its own rewards that players who seek to challenge themselves and earn some bragging rights will want to tackle.

Prestige Rewards

Prestige will reward you with unique badges, backgrounds, and titles for your player ID. The rewards you get from Prestige are purely cosmetic. They’re static images at first, but they come with subtle animations as you reach higher Prestige levels.

One of the rewards you can get is a Legacy Badge, which is actually viewable on your character’s model. You can customize this Legacy Badge with upgrades to showcase your experience as a veteran investigator. Every time you Prestige, you earn a new Legacy Badge.

Prestige Rewards in Phasmophobia

Getting all the prestige rewards isn’t going to be easy. You’ll need to reach around 300,000 XP in order to get your first Prestige, which is a paltry amount. The required amount of XP to Prestige will only get higher as you Prestige more.

How to Level Up in Phasmophobia

Leveling up in Phasmophobia requires that you complete jobs, which is done by just playing the game. Every time you complete a new job by investigating ghosts, you’ll receive XP points at the end of it. Once you have enough XP, you’ll proceed to the next level.

The XP points you earn at the end of each investigation can vary depending on how well you did and the difficulty. If you fail your objective and pick the wrong ghost, you don’t get anything. However, taking the risk on harder investigations leads to better XP rewards.

How to Level Up Fast

If you’re looking to level up fast in Phasmophobia so you can either unlock new equipment or just Prestige soon, there are some methods you can use:

  • Higher Difficulty – You’ll gain more XP rewards on harder difficulties. You can set this on the player lobby on the board before you choose a map. You can fiddle with the difficulty modifier which increases the rewards. If you can complete the objectives, you’ll gain better XP rewards than if you investigate on Normal or Amateur difficulties.
  • Complete Objectives – Every time before you step out of the van in each investigation, you’ll see additional objectives on the van by the board.
  • Complete Tasks – On the lobby before you pick singleplayer or multiplayer, you can see your Daily Tasks and Weekly Tasks. These not only give out money to spend on the store but also additional XP rewards upon completion.
Phasmophobia XP earned after investigation

Due to the changes made in Phasmophobia Ascension, the XP rewards you gain at the end of each investigation are the same amount as the dollars you’ll earn. If you want to reach higher prestige levels, you’ll have to be in the millions.

And that’s everything you need to know about Prestige and how to level up in Phasmophobia. You’ll find that nothing is earned easily, which makes the rewards all the more worth it if you’re willing to grind.