Phasmophobia Update Version Patch Notes Revealed

Changes to the truck!

Kinetic Games has recently released the newest Phasmophobia update version with its patch notes.

Phasmophobia Update Highlights

The newest update was recently released and it is quite meaty. Since the Custom Difficulty Update is still not there yet, the team has made this to keep fans and players busy. It introduces new truck models, layout and materials, some new ghost types, the voice recognition system has been completely replaced, new footstep sounds, changes in the buying section, and more.

Full Patch Notes

Check out the full patch notes for the latest Phasmophobia update below:

Ghost Types

We’ve had reports of three new entities haunting several locations, more information is available in the Journal:

• Deogen
Always watching

• Moroi
Risen from the grave to curse their victims

• Thaye
The ever-aging ghost

• These three ghosts will have an increased chance to spawn for 2 weeks

We’re introducing “The Investigation Period” along with these new ghost types!

This gives players around two weeks to try and work out the ghosts’ abilities, traits and secrets before we update these patch notes with the specifics (spoilered of course). We’re hoping this will bring back the original investigator feeling and allow players to work together, as a team, to uncover the truth!

Phasmophobia Where to Find The Voodoo Doll and How to Use It

Voice Recognition

Our Voice recognition system has been completely replaced!

We are no longer relying on Windows’ speech systems, meaning it supports many more languages and platforms, such as ‘GeForce Now’ and Steam Deck, with no setup required (and fixes that pesky tab-out bug).

• You now only need to set your microphone in-game, instead of your ‘Windows Default Microphone’
• You can now see the input volume of your microphone in the Audio Settings
• Additional microphone input options have been added:

• Voice Detector Sensitivity
• Noise Suppression

• Due to the new system only working if you are in a server, the voice recognition test has been removed.

Note: The above additional Audio options are only available while in-game, through the Journal’s Options menu

Currently supported languages:

• English
• German
• French
• Russian
• Spanish
• Japanese
• Simplified Chinese
• Traditional Chinese
• Italian
• Portuguese
• Brazilian Portuguese
• Dutch
• Swedish
• Turkish
• Ukrainian
• Czech
• Greek
• More languages will be added in a future update

phasmophobia update


• The Truck has received new models, a new layout, and materials
• Equipment is now placed on the wall in the Truck
Placing any equipment
on the wall, similarly to head cameras, will be added with the ‘Custom Difficulty’ update

• When lit, the campfire in Maple Lodge Campsite will now increase the temperature of the area around it
• The Maple Lodge Campfire will now show a hot temperature reading on a Thermometer
• You can now buy four lighters and three salt shakers
• Added new footstep sounds for the metal floor in the Truck and on the ramp


• The number of free hiding spots will now be increased when playing multi-player games

• Three players: +1 hiding spot
• Four players: +2 hiding spots

• The voice recognition splash-screen has been removed, as it is no longer needed
• The map screen in the truck now has up and down arrows for changing floors, instead of a single button
• When using their ability, Jinn will now leave EMF at the Fuse Box rather than where they are currently stood
• You will now never see ‘ghost mist’ when the ghost type is an Oni
• The cursor will no longer lock when playing in VR
• All locations have had their lighting re-baked, to a higher quality, to help reduce any light leaks and artifacts
• The chance for the Mare light ability has been slightly increased
• Replaced the Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Greek, and Japanese fonts to be more readable


• Sanity Pills can no longer be duplicated for extra uses
• Sanity Pills will now give the correct insurance amount
• You can now use the main menu boom-box in VR
• The delay when taking a photo has been removed
• Yurei can no longer drain your sanity when you are outside the location
• Yurei will no longer stop interacting if they use their ability in the Willow garage
• You can now interact with all interactable objects in VR
• The photo camera sound will now muffle correctly between floors
• You can no longer light Lighters with lit Candles
• Candles can now be lit with other lit Candles
• Candle and Lighter flames will now cast the correct shadows
• The shoulder flashlight will no longer break when closing and opening the truck door
• Fixed missing Korean and Traditional Chinese text
• The controls text in the training will no longer overlap the keybind text
• Potential fix for the VR runtime launching when playing without VR

Phasmophobia PS4

Phasmophobia is now available on PC. Get the Phasmophobia update today.