PlayStation 2 Strong Console Beating PlayStation 4 In New Statistics

PlayStation 2

Financial publication recently released statistic about the total worldwide sales by video games platforms and the PlayStation 2 tops the chart.

PlayStation 2 still strong

By the end of March 2020, the statistics show that 1.56 billion consoles have been sold globally and in particularly the PS2 is on top of that chart. It is so strong that it beat the latest console system of the franchise, the PS4. Approximately 157.68 million units have been sold globally and the Nintendo DS follows that with around 154.9 million units. The senior handheld of the latter, Game Boy has sold 118.69 million units.

Check the chart here.

The PS4 is closing in at fourth place with 109.86 million units sold globally. PS5 is still at question right now since no other details or even the physical form of it has been seen by the public. If it does impress everyone by launch, it will be a strong release on day one.

Xbox One on the other hand is on the low side of worldwide sales unfortunately despite being popular stateside. It sits on 47.35 million units sold. That is even half its senior console, the Xbox 360 with 85.8 million units sold.

Research shows that Europe got the most sales of the PS2 and the PS4. PS2 got 55.28 million units while PS4 got 45.12 million units both in Europe. In the US PS2 sales got 53.65 million units and the PS4 with 36.34 million units.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X are launching on holiday 2020.

Source: Learnbonds via DualShockers

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