Pokemon Go Holiday Event Just Went Live Featuring New Pokemon

Pokemon Go

The latest holiday event for popular mobile game Pokemon Go just went live featuring new stuff to try out.

Pokemon Go holiday event underway

The holiday event will run through January 1, 2020 and will give players around the world a chance to catch some holiday-themed Pokemon. It is complete with exclusive Field Research tasks, and even dd a few new Generation 5 monsters to the collection.

The holiday event will feature ice-type Pokemon like Sneasel, Delibird, and Snorunt that will appear in the wild more often than normal. Players will also get the first chance to get a Cubchoo, which was from Pokemon Black and White, and as well as the Shiny version of Snover.

There are also special Pokemon that are available during the event. There are holiday versions of Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu. There are also encounters of new Gen 5 Pokemon like Crygonal and the Alolan forms of Sandshrew and Vulpix.

Aside from the increased spawns, Niantic also revealed event-exclusive sets of Field Research tasks. Team Rocket added a few new Shadow Pokemon to their teams like Shadow Delibird. Winter avatar items like the Stantler sweater and headband are now available in the Style Shop.

Source: Official Website via Gamespot

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