How to Catch Shock Drive Genesect in Pokémon GO Raid Guide

Featured Image How to Defeat Genesect (Shock Drive) in Pokémon GO

Genesect is back again in Pokémon GO. This time it’s equipped with a Shock Drive, so that Techno Blast will be an Electric-type attack. You might not want to bring any Water-type Pokémon to this fight.

This how to defeat the Genesect Shock Drive Pokémon Go guide will teach you all about the best Pokémon counters against Genesect Shock Drive, what its weaknesses are, and how you can catch it.

Shock Drive Genesect Weaknesses in Pokémon GO

Genesect is only weak to Fire-type attacks and resistant to many other. You need to remember that despite being equipped with Shock Drive, Genesect is a Bug and Steel-type Pokémon. It’s not an Electric type despite the description.

Using Ice, Normal, Poison, Steel, Bug, Fairy, Dragon, Psychic, Steel, Grass-type attacks will be ineffective. Genesect Shock Drive is particularly resistant against those.

What Pokémon Are The Best Counters to Genesect Shock Drive?

We recommend brining Fire-type Pokémon against Genesect Shock Drive in Pokémon GO. Fire-type attacks will do the most damage, so we recommend gathering you best Fire-type Pokémon for this fight.

If you have Chandelure, Heatran, and Entei in your team you can take advantage of them to defeat Genesect Shock Drive.

Entei How to Defeat Genesect (Shock Drive) in Pokémon GO


Entei is a pure Fire-type Pokémon. This means that it can deal the most damage against Genesect. Entei is a legendary Pokémon so it may not be easy to acquire. You can’t just find it anywhere. Entei has been in several raids throughout the years in Pokémon GO. You can acquire it from Giovanni via capture.

Chandelure How to Defeat Genesect (Shock Drive) in Pokémon GO


Chandelure is the next Pokémon you want to have. Chandelure is a Fire and Ghost-type Pokémon that has punishing Fire-type attacks which will put Genesect on edge. Make sure that Chandelure has Incinerate, shadow ball, and overheat. Chandelure isn’t just good for beating Genesect, it’s also an amazing Pokémon to have for any raids in Pokémon GO.

Heatran How to Defeat Genesect (Shock Drive) in Pokémon GO


Lastly we recommend Heatran. Heatran is a Fire and Steel-type Pokémon which gives it an edge against Genesect’s attacks. You’ll be able to keep Heatran fighting long enough to deal some good damage against Genesect.

Of course you’re not only going to be bringing three Pokémon to the fight against Genesect Shock Drive. You also need to bring a full team of six Pokémon with you. So you’ll have three other slots to choose the best Fire-type Pokémon in your team.

Here are the other Pokémons that we recommend for your battle against Genesect.

  • Infernape
  • Magmortar
  • Houndoom
  • Moltres
  • Typhlosion
  • Arcanine
  • Blazikena
  • Darmanitian
  • Flareon

Of course you’re free to bring any Pokémon you feel like bringing to the fight. But we do heavily recommend using Fire-type Pokémon into the battle as Genesect is heavily resistant to most type of attacks.

Genesect How to Defeat Genesect (Shock Drive) in Pokémon GO

How to Catch Genesect in Pokémon GO?

You’ll get your chance to catch Genesect in Pokémon GO after you defeat it. Your window will appear in which you can throw Poké Balls at it to get it in your team.

This Genesect Shock Drive will also have the Techno Blast charged move that it used against you. We suggest packing some Ultra Balls since they have the highest capture rate.

Genesect (Shock Drive) Raid Schedule

Genesect (Shock Drive) raid schedule will be available during January 15th to January 24th this 2022. You have precisely 10 days to catch Genesect (Shock Drive) so make sure to prepare. The raid hours will be 6PM to 7PM on your local time.

Is Genesect Good in Pokémon GO?

Genesect Shock Drive is a decent addition to your team in Pokémon GO. Not just in an effort to “catch them all” but this version of Genesect can be punishing towards your enemies with its Techno Blast attack.

Fun fact: you can identify what type of Genesect you’re fighting against by the color of the cannon on its back.

Genesect Shock Drive Best Moveset

Genesect (Shock Drive) can learn a variety of moves, both Fast and Charged. It will come with Techno Blast charged move it used against you. Here are all the moves Genesect Shock Drive can learn and which are the best among them.

Fast Moves:

  • Fury Cutter – a Bug-type move that deals 2 damage and gives 4 energy per turn.
  • Metal Claw – a Steel-type move that deals 5 damage and gives 3 energy per turn.

Charged Moves:

  • Magnet Bomb – Steel-type move that deals 70 damage and consumes 45 energy.
  • Techno Blast – Electric-type move that deals 120 damage and consumes 55 energy.
  • X-Scissor – Bug-type move that deals 45 damage and consumes 35 energy.
  • Zap Cannon – Electric-type move that deals 150 energy and consumes 80 energy.

For Fast Moves, you definitely want to take advantage of Fury Cutter over Metal Claw. It generates more energy for your charged moves. For Charged Moves, you want to use Techno Blast and X-Scissor as much as possible. While on paper, X-Scissor doesn’t deal as much damage, it’s great for going against shields in PVP combat. Techno Blast for the Genesect (Shock Drive) should be your main damage dealer.

Is Genesect a Legendary Pokémon?

Genesect and its many forms, like this Shock Drive one, are Mythical Pokémon. As such, you can only acquire Genesect through 5-star raids along with other Pokémon trainers.

The difference between Legendary and Mythical Pokémon is simple. While both are incredibly rare, Legendary Pokémon are native to the core of the game. Mythical Pokémon are more rarer and can’t be found through regular gameplay.

How to Catch Shiny Genesect Shock Drive Pokémon GO?

Unfortunately, Shiny Genesect Shock Drive can’t be caught this time in raids. This is because this is a unique variant of Genesect and there usually aren’t any Shiny Pokémon variants unless Niantic surprises us with an announcement in the future. The only Shiny Genesect you can catch is the standard version.

While Genesect Shock Drive can be a great Pokémon, it’s far from the only one that you should aspire to get. We have more Pokémon GO content for you to check out. Check out these articles below!

Check out this video below from LionsEatNoobs (Might Lion LPs) for the Genesect (Shock Drive) Raid.

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