Pokemon Legends Arceus Secret Possibly Hints Future DLC

Possibly a big hint for future DLC?!

A new Pokemon Legends Arceus secret might have just accidentally uncovered a possible future DLC.

This new secret was a room that was discovered via a camera out-of-bounds glitch. It was found by Twitter user DeepGameResearch and discussed by YouTuber Blaines. Warning for players who have not gone further yet, this could be spoilers territory.

In the game, if you have already played it, the protagonist was forcibly taken from the present modern day era and was brought back to the past. Specifically, at the time where Pokemon recording and the prototype of Pokeball started. Compared to previous iterations, Arceus is quite different than the usual starting from the bedroom and then going out on an adventure.

This is where it gets weird. DeepGameResearch used his/her powers of glitching and for some reason, there was a room nearby from the start of the game. It was a modern day bedroom, just like the previous games! It even had a Nintendo Switch console Pikachu-style! Bizarre.

This discovery means a lot of things, but there have been some fans that dismissed this as merely content that got cut out and did not make to the final version. It could be possible it was supposed to start from that location and then show the part where they awake.

Other players are saying something entirely else. They think that this will be a future DLC that will take place in modern day. Well, that could be interesting with modern day Pokemon to capture!

Nintendo has not made any comment in regards to this discovery.

Pokemon Legends Arceus is now available on Nintendo Switch.