Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Updated Leaks for August

What leaked info have been confirmed by the latest teaser?

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Leak August

We’re just a few months away from the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, and as expected, more and more info about the game are coming up as leaks from left and right. The most recent Pokémon Presents for August showed a couple more details that we can expect to see in the game.

The ones that we are most intrigued about are the new stuff, not only because they’re new and interesting, but they have also pretty much confirmed most of the leaks that have been circulating in the past month.

We’ve been following a couple of Twitter users who have been leaking supposed legit info about the game, but as leaks, it’s just right to take them with a grain of salt. One particular user who most people just call as “Kaka” or “Mr.K” seems to have given a lot of credible leaks so far, most of which have just been confirmed in one way or another, and we’re going to take a look at more of the other possibly legit info that they shared.

Starting off with…

Leaked Pokémon and Starter Evolutions

We’ve seen two new Pokémon introduced from the recent Pokémon Presents, including the new Paldean Wooper. These Pokémon were Cetitan, the icy land whale, and Fidough, the bread doggo.

Now, there have been a lot more Pokémon that were leaked as just vague descriptions, such as the dolphin Pokémon and some dog Pokémon that is part of three separate sets of dog lines.

Cetitan is a whale

A new dolphin Pokémon

Cetitan looks more like a whale than a dolphin, plus it’s already officially tagged as the Terra Whale Pokémon. One could argue that both animals are under the same Cetacea infraorder, but it still looks like a bit of a stretch. It’s still possible that it has an evo or pre-evo that resembles a dolphin, and we’ve had crazier evolution lines than this one. I’m looking at you both, Remoraid and Octillery. Still, Cetitan does fit in with one of the vaguely described 2-stage Icicle Pokemon, and we’ll be disappointed if Cetitan will not have an evolution that could compete with Wailord’s size.

Fidough at a cafe

A ghost dog Pokémon

As for Fidough, there’s nothing much about it, but it does kind of support another detail that there will be three separate dog lines in Scarlet and Violet. One of these dog lines is hinted as a Ghost Dog, and all dog lines have at least a 2-stage evolution.

Starter evolutions’ descriptions

As for the starter evolutions, the leaks have also given some descriptions on what they would look like and what their themes will be.

  • Sprigatito will be based on gentlemen thieves and masks, a la Puss in Boots or perhaps Mona from Persona 5.
  • Fuecoco will remain as a quadruped alligator, and the “flame” on its head will become an egg hat on its second evo, and a flame shaped like a bird on its final evo.
  • Quaxly will eventually turn into some sort of a peacock and it will be themed around dancers.
Paldean Wooper

Paldean regional variants

We’ve seen Paldean Wooper in the teaser and based on the leaks, it’s rumored to have an evolution. It is not certain that it’s a Paldean Quagsire or if it’s a split evo.

There’s also rumors that there will be a Paldean Tauros which has a darker coat than the common Tauros. Aside from these two new regional forms, it seems that there won’t be any other Paldean forms in the game.

New evolutions of existing Pokémon

Some existing Pokémon are rumored to be getting new evolutions, such as Murkrow (split), Dunsparce, Primeape, Girafarig, and Bisharp.

Ancient and Future variants

Time is one of the main themes of Scarlet and Violet, and it also extends to Pokémon as some of them will have Ancient and Future variants. This may already be the case between Koraidon and Miraidon being just the ancient and future form of each other, possibly hinting that there may also be a present form.

Another detail of these ancient and future variants is that they are their own Pokémon and they do not evolve or devolve to the known present ones.

Ancient variants include:

  • Jigglypuff, possibly the one with the fangs
  • Amoonguss, possibly the one with grass tufts around its cap
  • Misdreavus

Future variants seem to get “Iron” as a tagging added before their names, though the Japanese term “tetsu” may not necessarily translate to just iron. These include:

  • Delibird
  • Gallade, which is hinted as a mix of both Gallade and Gardevoir
  • A Gen 5 Bug type

Some Pokémon get both ancient and future variants, such as Volcarona. Some other legendaries and pseudo-legendaries are rumored to get variants as well, such as Salamence and Tyranitar.

Possible Hisuian variants

It was also hinted that some Hisuian variants from Legends Arceus might show up in Scarlet and Violet. No specific details yet on who to expect.

Convergent Pokémon

Another kind of Pokémon that seemed to have followed a convergent evolution, making them look similar to another Pokémon, but they are totally unrelated. We might see a Pokémon based on an eel that closely resembles a Diglett. There might be another convergent Pokémon that is based on another Gen 1 Pokémon, but the details on this one is a bit fuzzy.

Some more hinted Pokémon

Other new Pokémon descriptions and hints are as follows:

  • A flower Pokémon, the one seen in a blurry pic that has a Poison Terastallization
  • A flamingo Pokémon that has a Flying/Fighting type, separate from the Quaxly line
  • An inanimate coin Pokémon, possibly based on a sand dollar, and by extension a treasure chest Pokémon
  • An artificial intelligence Pokémon
  • A 2-stage Fairy type Pokémon that wields a hammer
  • A 1-stage ostrich Pokémon that can also be ridden for transportation
  • An earthworm Pokémon
  • A crab Pokémon
  • A spider Pokémon
  • A Pokémon that has an Egyptian theme, possibly Cleopatra, and possibly either the ostrich Pokémon or an evo of Lechonk
  • A Grass/Fire Pokémon
  • A Pokémon based on salt and tide
  • A 2-stage Engine Pokémon, might be tied to that snazzy looking vehicle in the teaser
  • Lechonk will have two different evos based on its gender
  • Pawmi has two more stages and it can use its paws as a defibrillator to revive fainted Pokémon
  • Smoliv evo is an olive tree
  • 4 related legendaries, similar to the Tapu or the Swords of Justice
  • No new fossil Pokémon in this game

Protagonist and NPC Details

Aside from the Pokémon, there have also been details leaked some weeks ago referring to the protagonist and NPCs in the game.


The leaks only described a girl with red and blue hair, which exactly fits Penny’s description. The official page for Penny doesn’t say anything about her rival status to the protagonist, so we’ll have to wait for a better confirmation about this matter.

Gym Leaders

Some of the gym leaders’ images were already leaked around a month ago, but the recent teaser has confirmed that those screenshots were legit. Along with this, though this information was shared separately, the gym leaders have secondary jobs, such as a skier and a streamer.

Elite Four

Not much as been shared prior about the Elite Four trainers other than they use Pokémon that have types that do not overlap with any of the gym leaders’. If it is true, then it probably just refers to the dominant types of some dual-type Pokémon.


The champion’s gender will very depending on the version of the game, but it’s not specified which version has which gender.

Other Leaked Details about Scarlet and Violet’s Gameplay

There are some more details that have been shared by the leakers amongst all of those that have been mentioned so far, but we’ll just list down the prominent ones.

  • There will be around 400 Pokémon in Paldea’s regional dex.
  • There are 12 main locations in the game: 3 cities and 9 towns.
  • Gyms can be beaten twice.
  • There will be a DLC that will come out, similar to Sword and Shield.
  • There will be no breeding mechanic in the game.

Supporting Details for the Leak

Along with most of these details that were leaked were other details that were just confirmed by the recent teaser, directly or by extension. These are just some of them:

  • The region name “Paldea” was first revealed when it was mentioned along with the leaks.
  • There will be three story routes that the player can take, and the way that the routes are determined is by taking interviews, presumably done through the school.
    • Connected to the story routes, a sort of “true ending” can be reached, but only if all three routes are completed.
  • Koraidon and Miraidon can travel on land, water, and air, which has been showcased in the teaser.
  • Raid battles will be back, facing against Terastallized Pokémon.
Terastal Phenomenon

Terastal Phenomenon

The Terastal Phenomenon was one of the major supporting evidences that give credence to the details that were mentioned along with it. It was revealed with the snapshot of what seems to be a flower Pokémon encased in crystal with a skull on top of it. It is basically the new gimmick for Scarlet and Violet, similar to the Mega Forms and the Dynamax/Gigantamax Forms.


As of now, some of these leaks might still be just made up. Until we get the game ourselves or get more info from the official Pokémon pages, then is safe to still take these as rumors.

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