Possible Hostage Situation at Ubisoft Montreal Happening Right Now (UPDATE)


Recent news reports have been appearing online seemingly stating that there is a hostage situation happening at a building where Ubisoft Montreal is housed.

According to news outlet Journal de Montreal, a “possible hostage situation” is now taking place inside the building where Ubisoft Montreal offices in Canada are right now. The report says that there are “dozens of people” being held hostage.

The reports have been confirmed by other Ubisoft employees that have been working from home due to the pandemic. Community Developer Eric Pope is currently posting on his official Twitter account and confirmed the building on the pictures being shown on the Montreal news outlet. He revealed that his team is on the roof right now.

Paul Desbaillets posted on Twitter a short clip showing the police closing a road across the building in question. They are currently surrounding it and confirms there is something serious going on there right now.

More details to be posted later on as the situation develops.

Note: Will post updates later after confirming it with posts from local authorities and news outlets. Will not post information not officially confirmed so stay tuned.

Update: According to Montreal Police in a new post, they have found no threat so far. The staff have been evacuated with no injuries. Thank God. Hopefully a full statement will be released later on.

Source: Gamasutra