Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown – The Lost Warriors Side Quest Guide

A guide on where to find The Lost Warriors and complete their side quest in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown The Lost Warriors cover

The Lost Warriors is one of the side quests in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. When Queen Thomyris sent her men to rescue the prince, these warriors went bravely into Mount Qaf. But they did not expect that the entire citadel has been turned into a prison that has been lost in time. Read ahead as we share the locations of all the The Lost Warriors in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

How to start The Lost Warriors side quest

How to start The Lost Warriors side quest - Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

To start The Lost Warriors side quest, progress through Chapter 1 until you reach the area past The Haven where there are platforms on rotating wheels. Go down to the very bottom of the area and take the path to the left. Then, navigate through the path and obstacles, past the hatch leading back to the previous area, and down until you find a lever that opens a gate to the right.

Down in the next room is the dying corpse of Nojan, one of Ardashir’s men. Talk to him to start The Lost Warriors side quest, and then pick up his Insignia of Persepolis.

All Lost Warriors Location in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

There are a total of 8 insignias to be found and they are held by the lost warriors that have wandered through the different locations in Mount Qaf. These warriors have to be defeated in order to get their insignias; each defeated warrior will also drop Xerxes coins. After collecting all 8 insignias, the location of General Ardashir himself will be revealed.

Hyrcanian Forest – Khosrow’s Insignia

Khosrow can be found in a room in the southwest side of the Hyrcanian Forest, near the hanging corpse. Look for a wall with vines and cut through the vines to find the lost warrior.

The Depths – Bijan’s Insignia

Bijan can be found in a room above the central Wak-Wak Tree in the Depths, west of the Lower City’s elevator. Look for a rung on the left side of the wall to open a hatch on the ceiling that leads to the room where the warrior is.

Catacombs – Reza’s Insignia

Reza can be found in a room northeast of the Homa Statue in the Catacombs. Take the topmost path in the three faces area, then cross the trapdoors above to get to the warrior.

Sacred Archives – Koorosh’s Insignia

Koorosh can be found in the Prison section of the Sacred Archives, trapped behind the top prison cell. In order to get into the prison cell, you must first defeat the Jailer who guards the Sacred Archives to obtain the Holy Scholarship Key.

Pit of Eternal Sands – Saman’s Insignia

Saman can be found in a section east of the first area after dropping from the first seal leading into the Pit of Eternal Sands.

Old Royal Road – Morteza’s Insignia

Morteza can be found along the Old Royal Road which can be accessed by obtaining the Dimensional Rift ability and going through the path underneath the main gate of the Lower City.

Upper City – East – Masoud’s Insignia

Masoud can be found two floors directly below the Wak-Wak Tree of the Night Temple in Upper City – East.

Tower of Silence – Pirouz’ Insignia

Pirouz can be found at the end of the path above the area with the falling rocks in the Tower of Silence.

General Ardashir’s Location

General Ardashir's Location - Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

After defeating all of the lost warriors, you will receive the Collectible – Ardashir’s Mission Orders. Go back to the place where you first found Nojan, but take the path to the left instead. This will lead you to the Hall of Witnesses where you have to fight against General Ardashir. He is tougher than the rest of his warriors and has the ability to summon lightning bolts.

Once General Ardashir has been defeated, you will be able to obtain his insignia, 400 crystals, a Xerxes coin, and a Soma Tree Petal. You will also unlock the A Warrior’s End achievement for completing the side quest.