PS Plus Asia Subscribers Charged More Was a Technical Error

PlayStation confirms error and now compensating.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has now revealed that it was a technical error that caused PS Plus Asia subscribers to get charged more.

Just recently, after the new PS Plus tiers were introduced in Asian markets, some subscribers reported that they were charged more to upgrade to PS Plus Extra or Premium/Deluxe. They noted that they bought their subscription at a discounted price and it was believed that due to that discount, upgrading will now force the subscriber to make up for the discount and then add the upgrade fee for the higher tier hence the more expensive payment.

This angered and disappointed many PS Plus subscribers since it was unfair on their part as they waited patiently to get a discounted subscription only to pay the rest when they upgrade. Also, there was evidence of a call where a tech support confirmed the extra charges.

Today, the official Twitter account of Ask PlayStation has finally cleared things up and eased the worries of PS Plus subscribers. They admitted that it was a technical error that Asian subscribers had to pay more in order to upgrade to a higher tier. They have now fixed the problem and the ones who paid already for extra charges will be given credit, which is good.

Everyone is now glad that they will not have to pay more in order to upgrade because a lot of PS Plus subscribers were on fence after this happened. Now that has been cleared, many will be coming back to upgrade.

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