PS Plus – New Games for February Revealed

So a new month has rolled up and we’re entering another circle of some free stuff for those who are subscribed to PS Plus.

The new games this February are Knack and Rime which will be the free stuff offered to you if you’re a patron of PS Plus.

For those who have never heard of these games, Knack is a platformer with a beat em’ up styled gameplay that centers around the titular character, Knack, who is a living humanoid organism formed by Relics that can use his crystal relic powers to progress through the game filled with a colorful environment and opposing enemies.

Rime is an adventure game which revolves around puzzle solving. The game follows a boy looking for his father after seeing him fall off the boat after a storm. You have to guide him in solving the puzzles presented by the island using your wits alone. The five levels on the map are based on the stages of grief, which adds a more psychological edge to the game.

Now, while Knack has less than stellar reviews on the net, Rime however is praised and generally well received. We look forward for more titles coming out this March for PS Plus.

Managing Editor