PS5 Remote Play App on PlayStation 4 Appears Suddenly

PlayStation 4

A new app was recently installed on the PlayStation 4 consoles recently and it is the PS5 Remote Play app.

DualSense Controller

This new app can now be accessed by anyone who has the PS4 console without even downloading it. The neat feature about it is the ability to play next-gen PlayStation games via the current-gen PS console. While it offers some big opportunities for those who own both console generations, it cannot function right now since there are no PS5s available in the public.

When the app works, it could allow players to stream PS5 games via the PS4 without any problems at all. This is similar to the PS Vita Remote Play function way back when it was still popular and players wanted to play games on the go.

This feature does makes me come up with a few questions. What would be its purpose if you already have the PlayStation 5? Our resident Sirus Gaming reviewer gave this answer, “It can be used when going out of town and just bringing the PS4 to play PS5 games. The PS4 is lighter than the PS5, yeah? Also, it can allow other friends who only have the PS4 to gain access to your PS5 if they want to try it out.”

Well, that makes sense. Hopefully the PS5 Remote Play app can help other gamers with the same situation.

Source: VGC