Psychonauts 2 Guide to All Queepie Locations

psychonauts 2 queenpie locations

The Queepie side quest in Psychonauts 2 is one of the game’s more minor quests. Despite this, though, completing this quest can be bothersome for a lot of players considering how difficult it is to find this nimble little character. Here’s everything you need to know about this quest and how to complete it.

Activating The Queepie Side Quest

This side quest is tied up to the overall story regarding Raz’s family who shows up at the Motherlobe later in the game. After you follow them back to the “Questionable Area?” level, head to the family’s camp which you can easily find by following the road tracks on the ground. Once there, speak to the mother to have access to two new side quests. One of these is the quest involving Queepie.

The goal of this side quest is fairly simple: find Queepie and ask him to return to camp. As simple as the objective may sound, completing this quest is actually quite a challenge because of how well Queepie sounds and everything it takes to get to his locations. You also have to locate him a total of six times for this side quest to officially complete. If you’re having a hard time finishing this quest, read on and follow this guide to know Queepie’s locations.

Queepie Locations in Psychonaut 2

Queepie Location 1

Queepie’s first location is easy to find. Simply head outside the camp and go to the water wheel west of the exit and follow the sound of the music. Queepie should be right there.

Queepie Location 2

Queepie’s second location is atop a platform beyond the Sassyclops cave. The entrance to this cave is located just beside the Aquato family camp. Simply enter the cave and navigate your way through to the exit to locate Queepie.

Queepie Location 3

To get to Queepie’s third location, start at the fast travel point at the forest entrance. From here, use the vines to climb a tree and reach a rope you can walk on. Continue and do the same thing for the next tree. Continue forward should lead you to Queepie’s third location.

Queepie Location 4

Queepie’s fourth location is on a platform right above the Funicular area. To get there, jump on top of the small building with the restrooms and jump to the ladder to reach the tree beside the building. Jump to the next platform and continue walking forward using the tightrope. Behind the next tree is a pole you can climb on. Climb the pole and go around to find a patch of bush you can bounce on. This will lead you to Queepie’s fourth location.

Queepie Location 5

Queepie’s fifth location is one of the easier ones to get to. He will be on the roof of the Lumberstack Diner. To reach this area, simply use jump on the hood of a car that’s beside the building to gain a boost to reach the roof.

Queepie Location 6

Queepie’s last location is just above the family camp. In the camp, there is an unlit bonfire you can light up with your Pyrokinesis. Light it to create an updraft you can ride on with your Levitation Ball. Once in the air, glide towards the platform just above the camp’s entrance. Continue on this path to reach Queepie’s last location and finally complete this side quest.

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Psychonauts 2 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.