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Here's our Psychonauts 2 guide list.

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Double Fine’s latest work, Psychonauts 2 is now available on all platforms and it has already garnered a lot of praise from all critics and fans worldwide including ours. We found the game amazing and can become personal as it relates to those who have mental issues. It might have an issue with the in-game camera, but it only needed a bit getting used to.

While the game’s biggest asset is its interesting narrative due to its relation to dealing with mental conditions and depression, gameplay is quite on par as well. It is a huge adventure to go through and there are tons of things to achieve, collectibles to find, and a few tricks to learn and enjoy.

We have listed the whole list of achievements to unlock for those fans who just want to complete everything. We have also made in-depth guides to assist you on acquiring certain collectibles are that particularly difficult to discover, and one specific guide to unlock a certain mysterious achievement.

Psychonauts 2 Guide and Walkthrough

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Psychonauts 2 Guide List

Here are our latest Psychonauts 2 guides for you to browse on. More will be added later on for more specific guides.

Do you need to complete the original Psychonauts first?

Players do not need to play the first Psychonauts in order to understand the story because there is a long recap at the beginning of the sequel, but it is recommended to play it if you have the time.

How long does Psychonauts 2 takes to complete?

According to many media outlets, Psychonauts 2 will take you about 10-12 hours to complete on the regular playthrough, but for the completionists it will take more or less 25 hours.

Is Psychonauts 2 playable on PS5?

PS5 players can play Psychonauts 2 on their consoles via backwards compatibility feature and it also unlocks 60 FPS for them.

Psychonauts 2 got released on August 25, 2021 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and PS4.

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