Psychonauts 2 Finally Launching in 2021 and Playable

Psychonauts 2

Game company Double Fine has assured the fans that upcoming sequel Psychonauts 2 is finally launching within this year after so many delays.

psychonauts 2

The game is finally launching despite its multiple delays since its announcement in 2015. These delays started in 2017, then in July 2019, then 2020 and then to this year. After three delays, it will launch and the game studio has assured via Twitter that is actually playable now.

Here’s how the tweet starts:

And yes, Psychonauts 2 is this year and yes I’ve been mentioning that here and elsewhere for a while but no I can’t tell you when because someone from THE COMPANY would arrange for a mysterious “cactus accident” to happen to me…

But it is real. It is playable. It is coming.

Psychonauts 2 launches 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and PlayStation 4.

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