Rainbow Six Extraction Gives Players the Option to Dive Deeper Into the Zone for Better Rewards or Get Extracted

Go for broke or reap the current rewards now?

Creative Director Patrik Méthé shared details in the latest issue of Play Magazine (December 2021 Issue) about options players can choose in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Extraction is way different than previous Rainbow Six iterations with the inclusion of the aliens called Archean. They have their own unique abilities, can abduct other human members, and look scary. It is a cooperative game where players will have to band together in order to clear zones that will give them big rewards. It has its dangers though.

rainbow six extraction

It was revealed that once players reach a safezone, an airlock, players will be given the alternative to back out so that they can gain their current rewards, or they move forward so they can get better ones, but the danger will escalate with more Archeans with stronger stats and abilities to contend with. Worse, one of the squad members get abducted and the only way to save them is going deeper into the zone.

“Every time the players reach an airlock (safe zone), it opens up a ‘what do next’ discussion,” says Méthé. “Based on the status of everyone’s operators, the players need to assess their chance of success in the next subzone. Some might be more conservative and want to extract to secure the knowledge and rewards already gathered; others might be bolder and willing to push forward to get bigger rewards.”

Méthé revealed that there have been times that players have overestimated their capabilities and went deeper into the zone, only to almost get wiped out due to the increase of difficulty spike.

The creative director also said that by using aliens as the threat, they were able to offer something unique to the gameplay experience. It also gave them more flexibility in terms of types of challenges that they could offer to the players.

Rainbow Six Extraction launches on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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