Does Rainbow Six Extraction Have Single Player?

Featured Image Does Rainbow Six Extraction Have Single Player

If you’ve played Rainbow Six Siege, then you’d know that it’s purely a game catering to the multiplayer experience. But what about its separate spinoff? Does Rainbow Six Extraction have single player content? After all, you’re fighting against extraterrestrial lifeforms invading Earth and not other players. It’s not too far off to say that Rainbow Six Extraction might have a main campaign. But does it though?

Does Rainbow Six Extraction Have Single Player?

Yes, Rainbow Six Extraction will allow you to play without the assistance of other players should you so choose. However there isn’t any dedicated single player campaign. While previous Tom Clancy titles are renowned for their compelling narrative campaigns, Extraction doesn’t really have that as it leaves more of its lore and details in the background with only a handful of cutscenes.

You can start a missions with just yourself and two other bots. However, Rainbow Six Extraction was meant to be played with three people as its very nature tasks you to be strategic with your friends. Especially with several operators having their own unique ability that lets them play a certain way.

While you can play Rainbow Six Extraction on your own, it wouldn’t be very fun.

Rainbow Six Extraction gives you 13 missions with three unique levels and three randomly generated objectives. These missions were designed to have 3 people playing in mind and not as a single player campaign.

Can You Play Rainbow Six Extraction Offline?

Playing Rainbow Six Extraction requires internet connection and cannot be played offline. Much like Ghost Recon Breakpoint, you won’t be able to get past the title screen if the game doesn’t sense any internet connection.

Even if you wish to play on your own, you have to have internet connection in order to play a match. This makes buying Rainbow Six Extraction only for those with steady internet connection.

Buddy Pass Does Rainbow Six Extraction Have Single Player

Rainbow Six Extraction Explaining the Buddy Pass

If you have a copy of Rainbow Six Extraction and have some friends who don’t, you can invite them to play with you for free for up to 14 days. This is enough time to help convince them if they don’t find playing Extraction all too appealing.

Rainbow Six Extraction features cross-platform play so you don’t need to worry about inviting friends who are from different platforms. You just have to tell them to download the trial version of Rainbow Six Extraction and then invite them from the in-game menu. And viola, you’re no longer alone.

Is Rainbow Six Extraction on Game Pass?

Alternatively, Rainbow Six Extraction is available on Game Pass the same day as it releases for the world. So if you have friends who are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, then you can tell them that they can download the game at no additional costs. A great alternative to using the Buddy Pass instead.

And that is everything about everything you need to know about the single player content for Rainbow Six Extraction. Thankfully Ubisoft has given us a few cost effective options to invite some friends so we won’t be so lonely. We do advice against playing this game on your own.

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