Rainbow Six Extraction How to Use The Buddy Pass

Featured Image How to Use The Buddy Pass

Rainbow Six Extraction is definitely a game meant to be played with friends. Unfortunately, our friends might not be so interested in spending to money to try out Extraction for themselves. If that is the case, you can always convince them to play with you using the Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass system free of charge.

If you’ve been looking into how to use the Buddy Pass in the game, then our Rainbow Six Extraction How to Use the Buddy Pass guide will teach you what you need to invite friends to your game.

Rainbow Six Extraction How to Use The Buddy Pass

Rainbow Six Extraction How to Use The Buddy Pass

In order to use the Game Pass, you’re going to have to cooperate with your friends. Tell them to download the trial version of Rainbow Six Extraction on their platforms. Of course, you would also need to have a copy of the game yourself downloaded on the platform of your choosing.

Here are the steps to invite friends who don’t own Rainbow Six Extraction to play with you using the Buddy Pass.

  1. Download Rainbow Six Extraction – your friends can only play the game via your invitation. Once you’ve downloaded the game, you will receive two Buddy Pass tokens you can invite your friends with.
  2. Tell Your Friends to Download the Rainbow Six Extraction Trial – they’ll have to boot up the trial version to receive your invite.
  3. From The Menu, Invite Your Friends – you’ll get the option to use those Buddy Pass tokens from the game’s menu.
  4. Tell Your Friends to Accept The Invitation – once they’ve accepted your invitation, they’ll be grouped up into the same game lobby as you.

Using the Buddy Pass is that simple. There are a few things to note. One, your friends only have 14 days to play Rainbow Six Extraction. And two, they can only play the game when you invite them.

Does Rainbow Six Extraction Feature Cross-Platform Play?

Yes, Rainbow Six Extraction will feature cross-platform play. For those worried that their friends are on different platforms, they can rest assured that the game is crossplay compatible. So it won’t matter what platform you’re running the game from.

This also works for the trial version of Rainbow Six Extraction. Your friends can join you for cross play even if they haven’t purchased the game so long as you take advantage of the Buddy Pass.

Split Screen Rainbow Six Extraction How to Use The Buddy Pass

Does Rainbow Six Extraction Have Split Screen Multiplayer?

Unfortunately, Rainbow Six Extraction doesn’t offer split screen multiplayer. If you’re looking to couch coop then you may be saddened to hear that the game simply doesn’t feature split screen. However, there are many ways to play Rainbow Six Extraction with your friends.

Is Rainbow Six Extraction on Game Pass?

It is great to know that Rainbow Six Extraction is also available on Game Pass. For those looking for an alternative to the Buddy Pass, then the Xbox Game Pass will let your friends play so long as they’re subscribed at no additional costs.

Game Pass Ultimate is a great way to save up on some money and play with your friends. So you can choose between either letting your friends try out Rainbow Six Extraction via Buddy Pass or ask them to buy the cheaper Game Pass subscription.

And that is everything about everything you need to learn about how to use the Buddy Pass in Rainbow Six Extraction. Thanks for reading our Rainbow Six Extraction How to Use The Buddy Pass guide! You should stay in tune with us for more, as we have plenty of other content revolving around Rainbow Six Extraction.

Check out the cinematic trailer for Rainbow Six Extraction down below.

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