Rainbow Six Siege Reveals Full Details Of Operation Steel Wave

Rainbow Sixe Siege Operation Steel Wave

Game company Ubisoft just dropped the full details of the new update for Rainbow Six Siege titled Operation Steel Wave.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave features two new operators

There are two new operators who will join the roster. The first one is a Nighthaven recruit named Ace and will join the Attackers. The Defenders will get a new member called Melusi, who is an Inkaba Task force ranger.

According to the website, Ace is a potent mix of unpredictable and the bombastic, part showman, but also professional. He is dedicated to search-and-rescue worldwide and has publicized all of his personal accomplishments. He uses the SELMA Aqua Breacher, which makes use of hydraulic pressure to burst through breakable and reinforced surfaces. It makes him a very reliable hard breacher.

Melusi does not shy away from responsibility because she thinks it is her duty and birthright. She uses the Banshee Sonic Defense that can be deployed on surfaces. When enemies step close enough, it will release a scream and will slow them down. It can be destroyed, but it is bulletproof.

The House map has undergone some changes with this new update in order to make things more balanced. There are new additions and changes like some existing areas have become bigger and a new section of the South side has been added with two rooms on each floor and a staircase.

Operator Amaru got some changes as well like the hook animations and timings will be a lot smoother this time around. She will only break barricades when she goes through them and no more need to break a hatch before going up because she can breach it in the action itself.

There are also four operators that will get a price decrease for this season. Alibi and Maestro prices are going down to 15,000 Renown or 350 R6 Credits, while Nokk and Warden’s prices will be 20,000 Renown or 480 R6 Credits.

The game is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Official Website