Ready or Not: Sinuous Trail Walkthrough

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“Sinuous Trail” is the seventh main mission in Ready or Not. The SWAT team is set out to take control of a data center that may be complicit in distributing illicit and illegal content.

Nothing ever comes easy for the Los Sueños Police. There is a possibility that the armed suspects on this mission aren’t aware of the illegal activities that they are guarding. And because of some prior robberies where criminals posed as police officers, it may take more convincing to tell them to stand down.

In this guide, I’ll show you the best way to clear “Sinuous Trail” in Ready or Not.

“Sinuous Trail” Primary Objectives

Sinuous trail mission select

In order to complete “Sinuous Trail” these objectives must be completed:

  • Bring Order to Chaos – Arrest or neutralize any contact at the scene. The biggest issue is that some of the security in the premises may not be guilty but are on edge thanks to a robbery in the past when perps disguised themselves as police.
  • Rescue All of the Civilians – Detain any unarmed contacts at the scene. The Mindjot data center is using a skeleton crew to keep their servers up so there aren’t as many civilians in the premises as you might expect.

Preparing for “Sinuous Trail” Mission

Some of the suspects in “Sinuous Trail” are wearing helmets making headshots difficult to land unless you use armor piercing rounds. They’re also armed with rifles which makes them very dangerous.

The long hallways in this map means that rifles and submachine guns are the best choice. Make sure to equip a lot of flashbangs to clear rooms with. Because the “Sinuous Trail” mission doesn’t demand you take in suspects alive, it’s usually not a good idea to bring in pepperball guns. However, if you want to ensure your team isn’t stressed then the beanbag shotguns are the best choice.

You should equip one of your SWAT members with the tactical shield. Make sure they have heavy ceramic armor and Kevlar helmet. The rest of your team should wear heavy ceramic armor as well to minimize risk of death.

Here’s where you should divide red and blue. Have one team equipped with the ram and tactical shield. The other team should have a mirrorgun and a flashbang launcher. The team with the ram will be your primary breacher for those long hallways.

After selecting the “Sinuous Trail” mission from the desk, make sure to study the map by holding Tab to open your tablet. The Mindjot data center is a maze with a lot of corners to get ambushed in. Its server room in particular has large openings that make it easy to shoot you down.

“Sinuous Trail” Walkthrough

At the start of the mission, you’re given plenty of entrances. Enter the premises via the left side leading to the parking lot. The cargo hold on the right is usually being guarded by two suspects making it a hard entry point.

Clearing the rooftop - Ready or Not Sinuous Trail Walkthrough

Secure the rooftop first. There are two floors on the roof that you need to check. There can sometimes be suspects and a civilian posted on that location. After securing the rooftop, don’t go in from there.

Instead make your way back down the parking lot and enter from here. The issue with the rooftop entry points is that they both lead to narrow corridors that force your SWAT unit into a single file, increasing the odds that suspects can fire on your team all at once. Instead the best entry point is on the first floor parking lot. This will take you to the west side of the Mindjot data center and right next to the server room.

best entry point - Ready or Not Sinuous Trail Walkthrough

Once you’ve secured that hallway, breach the right door which will take you to the hallway with the meeting room and Phil Ledger’s office. This hallway also connects to the kitchen and the lobby. Clear Phil Ledger’s office first and then clear the meeting room. The meeting room has two entrances that you can divide red and blue teams to breach.

Next clear the kitchen. There is a door there that leads to the lobby. The best thing to do here is to have the team with the tactical shield breach into the lobby from the hallway while the team with the stinger launcher breaches to the lobby from the kitchen. Make sure to use flashbangs. Queue the command and then execute when ready.

Tip: You can queue commands by holding SHIFT while issuing orders with the middle mouse button. You can queue different commands per team by scrolling your mouse wheel up and down; yellow means all teams, red team for one team, and blue for the other. When executing all the orders, make sure gold team is selected.

breaching into the lobby from the kitchen - Ready or Not Sinuous Trail Walkthrough

Once you’ve ensured that the lobby is clear go to the end of the hallway where you’ll find the bathrooms and a door that says “Staff Only.” That staff only door will lead to the servers which will be a dangerous breach. Instead move to the door that leads outside on the other end of the staff only door. This will take you to a place where they transport cargo.

When that’s done go breach the other door to the left by the end of that cargo hold. This will lead to a small electrical room with the servers to the right. The server room is a large place so this is the best place to breach it because there are a lot of covers. Once you enter the server room watch for the glass on the second floor.

clearing the server room - Ready or Not Sinuous Trail Walkthrough

The server room has a lot of corners and there’s a big chance that not all of your officers may not make it. It usually has a large number of guards protecting it. Your team could potentially be shot from someone overseeing the room from the second floor.

After clearing the server room, go to the right end of it and enter the electrical room. The next door after that will lead you to a staircase connected to a hallway that leads to the staging room. From there secure the staging room instead of continuing down the hallway. There’s another door inside that will lead to the security room.

clear the security room - Ready or Not Sinuous Trail Walkthrough

When you’ve cleared the security room, the only server room left is the one downstairs which seems to be the primary server room. Before heading down use the windows on the second floor to overlook if there are enemies before heading in. Send your team to breach it.

Lastly there should be a hallway to the left side that is connected to the lounge that isn’t cleared yet. There is a storage room that’s connected to it that may hold someone. After that, you’ve officially cleared the Mindjot data center.

Once all suspects and civilians are either dead or in cuffs, you’ve completed the “Sinuous Trail” mission.