Ready or Not: Thank You, Come Again Mission Walkthrough

Keep civilians safe, tackle armed addicts, and secure evidence with ease as you complete the "Thank You, Come Again" mission in Ready or Not.

Ready or Not Thank You Come Again Mission Walkthrough

“Thank You, Come Again” is the first main mission in Ready or Not. A 4U gas station on Southside is robbed by a group of teenage meth users who have multiple records of drug-related offenses or violent crimes. Along with your task force, the goal is to comprehend the armed criminals and secure the safety of the civilians in the area.

There are certain challenges and objectives that you need to look out for during the mission; failing to do so can result in death on more than one occasion. Read on for a walkthrough of all the mission objectives in “Thank You, Come Again” and the best approach to completing them.

How to complete “Thank You, Come Again” in Ready or Not

There are a total of 4 Main Objectives and 1 Soft Objective in Thank You, Come Again. which are as follows:

How to Bring Order to Chaos

Bring Order to Chaos - Ready or Not Thank You Come Again Mission Objective

This basically means that you need to apprehend all the robbers within the area. Their spawn locations will differ each time you play the mission, so make sure to infiltrate the area using proper weapons and with caution.

How to Rescue all of the Civilians

Rescue All Civilians - Ready or Not Thank You Come Again Mission Objective

As you deal with the robbers, make sure to tie up the civilians as well in order to progress toward this objective. You usually find them being held hostage by robbers, located inside or outside the building.

Where to Find Incapacitated Veteran

Report Incapacitated Veteran - Ready or Not Thank You Come Again Mission Objective

You can find the veteran’s corpse along with his dog on the right side of the diner’s counter, next to the American Flag. The easiest way to get there is by going through the main entrance of the gas station’s convenience store. Once inside, take the route to your right and go through the second door next to two vending machines. Once you find the veteran, press ‘F’ to make a report, and it will count towards your objective.

Where to Find Crystal Leighton

Find Crystal Leighton - Ready or Not Thank You Come Again Mission Objective

You can find Crystal Leighton inside a small, dark room within the kitchen area, at the back of the diner’s counter near the fire exit. To get there, go through the door on the right side of the corridor where you found the veteran. Once you reach the kitchen area, head to your right and follow the dim corridor until you hear a scream asking for help. Follow that sound, and you’ll find Crystal Leighton behind a metal container.

Where to Find the Store Manager

Find the Store Manager - Ready or Not Thank You Come Again Mission Objective

You can find the corpse of the store manager lying in the hallway between the convenience store’s counter and the admin office. To get there, go through the door to your left, where you found the veteran’s corpse, and move past the kitchen until you reach a large room with two white tables. Once there, veer to your left and go inside the door (which says ‘private’) next to the couch, and you’ll spot the store manager as you go through the arch.

How to S Rank “Thank You, Come Again” in Ready or Not

How to S-Rank the Thank You, Come Again mission in Ready or Not

Clearing all objectives alone will give you enough score to reach A+ Rank. Make sure that no one will die during the mission and secure 2 pieces of evidence on each suspect/robber to get an S-Rank rating.

Equip non-lethal weapons like the TPL and ‘VKS that use ‘pepperball’ munition or the ‘Beanbag’ Shotgun to apprehend robbers and civilians without accidentally killing them. Keep in mind that once you finish the primary objectives, you’ll be automatically brought to the mission’s clear screen. In my case, I left one civilian untied and double-checked each piece of evidence and tasks before completing the mission.

Regardless of how cautious you are, you will still obtain an S Rank in Ready or Not’s “Thank You, Come Again” mission if you manage to secure all suspects and evidence, rescue all civilians, locate Crystal Leighton and the manager, and report the incapacitated veteran without anyone dying during the process.

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